Sam Cruz talks about her sisters Angelina and Chesca in “Who’s Most Likely To” Challenge

Sister relationships are always interesting. It can be tough and gentle but no matter what happens, they are there for each other. They may have different personalities but they find balance. That’s how Sam Cruz and siblings Angelina and Chesca paint their sisterhood in the public eye. To get to know them more, watch Sam take on the “Who’s Most Likely To” Challenge! 

Kapamilya Chat dared Sam to reveal who’s who among the Cruz sisters, beginning with the one most likely to get married. Sam volunteered, saying the idea of raising kids fascinates her; while Angelina, the eldest, once declared that she wants to get married late. Besides, Angelina is not into kids, according to Sam. 

The three of them are guilty of sleep talking and forgetting important events like birthdays that’s why someone has to remind them always. If there’s someone most likely to break a house rule, it has to be Sam, whom Sunshine calls the ‘troublemaker.’ 

Sam revealed that she and Chesca are extroverts, always chatty and open to making friends while Angelina is the quiet one. Angelina is ‘mahinhin’ but she transforms into an extrovert once you get to know her. 

Chesca is most likely to be a stand-up comedian and sometimes Sam would steal her jokes. The youngest Cruz is so good at human interaction, she’s most likely to enter politics. Chesca is also the one most likely to stay in their mom’s house after getting married. 

Proving herself a ‘troublemaker,’ Sam once cried in public during a trip in Japan. She said her mom lost it because of her ‘kulit’ so she was scolded inside a shoe store. 

Sam, whose ultimate crushes are Piolo Pascual and Jameson Blake, used to be the one most likely to marry a celebrity but she’s now passed on the crown to Chesca.  

Get to know the Cruz sisters through Sam’s revelations in this video!