Ronnie Alonte just like us

Ronnie Alonte may live a glamorous life now that many others can only dream, but his journey in front and behind the cameras was not easy. He had to grow and mature a lot through the years. After a couple of life changing moments, the Kapamilya star can now look back to share his experience. Hopefully, others can learn from his mistakes.

“Sobrang pasaway ko. Never akong pumasa.”

Growing up, unlike his siblings who excelled in school, Ronnie had to transfer multiple times because of failed classes. Eventually, his parents enrolled him to a public school, but his attitude only got worse. “Mga magulang ko na ‘yung nahihiya para sa akin,” he said. The Alonte family was known in their city because of their relatives who worked in politics. Still, Ronnie did not care.

Due to even more failed classes, he had to repeat high school. In the end, it was basketball that changed his personality. As a varsity player, he had a scholarship and he took it seriously. When it was time to distribute the report cards, his father could not believe his grades.

“Kahit saan man sulok ng Pilipinas ‘yung may lupa kami, binenta lahat para lang mabuhay ‘yung daddy ko.”

One reason behind his carelessness is probably the fact that his family was well off. Admittedly, Ronnie was spoiled by his father, “Bibilhan niya ko, kahit anong gusto ko.” Until one tragic accident flipped their fortune. His father barely survived a motorcycle crash which left him in a critical condition. In order to save his life, they had to sacrifice all of their possessions.

Fortunately, his father fully recovered. Although, it cost every single peso they had. There came a point when they could no longer afford canned goods. Some of their relatives helped them buy food and pay for their utility bills, but they could not rely on others completely.

“Huwag ka pala talaga mag-expect nang malaki kasi kung para sa’yo, darating at darating.”

As a kid, Ronnie was bullied because of his looks. By high school, however, he slowly discovered his potential through a pageant. Because he was a basketball varsity player, he had no problem showing off his abs and toned muscles. He only claimed the second runner-up spot, but this was only the beginning on his journey in the spotlight.

Soon after, he started doing commercials and even earned enough money to buy a car. This opened his eyes to the world of show business and decided to be an actor. With the help of his aunt, he finally made a trip to ABS-CBN and auditioned for the boy group Hashtags. Initially, he was discouraged since he was up against people who already had a following. When the Hashtags finally debuted, his hard work and dedication finally paid off.

“Napakalaki ng ulo ko. Pinasok ko lahat sa utak ko.”

Ronnie quickly became busy at the start of his career. In 2016, he starred in the romantic comedy “Vince and Kath and James” and the horror flick “Seklusyon”. The following year, he was cast in another horror movie “Bloody Crayons”. He also appeared on episodes of Maalaala Mo Kaya and appeared in the teleserye A Love to Last.

It did not take long before he realized how arrogant he had become. Luckily, it was not too late to change his attitude for the better. After gaining weight from stress eating, the Kapamilya actor worked on improving himself. His goal was to just be a better person in 2020. He was off to a great start because of his movie “James and Pat and Dave”. Now, he is proud of who he has become. “Congratulations, iba na ‘yung Ronnie na nakikita natin ngayon,” he said.

The Hashtag member’s only advice to others is to stay humble and always be thankful. For his part, turning to religion and reading the bible was what helped him rediscover his roots. “Huwag n’yo kalimutan magdasal,” he ended.