Robi Domingo on fitness, MYX journey, and quarantine dates with girlfriend, Maiqui Pineda

Celebrating his 31st birthday last September 27 amid the pandemic, Robi Domingo got sentimental over his friends and loved ones’ simple greetings. There was nothing grand and spectacular, just heartfelt messages. Looking back on the past three decades, Robi realized that life has its own way of working things out, at the right place and at the right time.

“Huwag kang magmadali, pagdaanan mo lang lahat ng hirap because someday they will be rewarding. Dreams do come true,” Robi would tell his younger self. 

Apart from the appreciation for the little things, Robi gained a stronger desire to be fit. He was lax during the earlier days of lockdown. Then, he thought of improving his physique. Robi enticed fans to watch out for his transformation ala Korean heartthrob by the end of the year! 

The quarantine also inspired Robi to up his work-from-home arrangement. With the convenience of online shopping and a dash of resourcefulness and creativity, he transformed his brother’s room into a mini studio. He also encounters typical WFH trouble (like unnecessary noise from dogs barking in the background), but these nuisances are beyond his control and they make work more authentic and exciting.

Working as a one-man team at home has raised his appreciation for the people behind the scenes. “Sila ang mas bida kaysa sa bida,” he said. Robi also lauded his ABS-CBN family for bouncing back and building a new digital hive within days. 

He was among the thousands of Kapamilyas retrenched following the ABS-CBN franchise non-renewal. He posted a sentimental ‘goodbye’ to mark his unexpected graduation from MYX. Although he thinks he’d be out soon because of ‘age factor,’ Robi feels like there could’ve been a better way to end his stint than the unfortunate retrenchment.

He shared the three unspoken rules in MYX, saying a VJ is most likely to graduate once he reaches 30s, settles down, and if he really had a poor performance. He would fall on the first category. 

Robi joined the MYX VJ Search in 2008 right after exiting the Pinoy Big Brother house. After juggling his VJ stint with schooling for one a half year, he had to leave first to focus on his studies.  He returned on the music channel in 2014. “Ang MYX ang unang nagturo sa akin kung paano magsalita at magsalita nang tama,” he added.
Robi also got to talk about his girlfriend, Maiqui Pineda. The couple beats the odds of LDR-like setup by consistent virtual dates. “Sobra akong in love,” Robi confessed. He makes sure that the courtship ‘feels’ won’t fade. They get to see each other once in a while and he loves to send her food and sweet packages. When asked about the possibility of settling down, Robi said that there is a better day for a happily ever after than now when the whole world is beating a pandemic and is more focused on survival. 

Play this video to watch Robi’s interview with DJ Jhai Ho for Showbiz Pa More.