Nyoy’s jaw-dropping toys, comics collection is one of the largest we’ve seen in Kapamilya Chat

Nyoy Volante has been a toys and comic books enthusiast since he was young and he has now accumulated a huge collection that can make every hobbyist green with envy.

In an episode of Kapamilya Chat, the King of Philippine Acoustic Pop welcomed viewers to his studio that houses his huge collection. It’s a place full of action figures – from Ghost Busters to Toy Story, Batman, He-Man, and NBA. Nyoy organizes his collection on big shelves that are divided per section/collection. For instance, one portion is dedicated to the Guardians of The Galaxy section, Iron Man, Star Wars, etc.

He has a special shrine for his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle collection, which is made up of different versions such as from the 1980’s film, original cartoon, and comic book versions. On a separate row sits his Marvel collection and a Stan Lee figure.

Nyoy’s original passion was collecting Marvel comic books but the books alone wouldn’t feel as satisfying without the action figures. “Kumbaga kapit-kamay na ‘yung passion ko for them.” Since he started young, he still keeps some of his childhood toys secured in their original boxes.

That already sounds like an investment to most collectors. After all, the rule of thumb is that the older the item, the higher its monetary value. Take, for instance, comic books that can increase to as high as Php100, 000 from its original price of around Php250 depending on the rarity of the item. The value of the Stan Lee figure also rocketed when the legendary Marvel creator died. But for Nyoy, the value is only secondary to the passion and joy it sparks.

“Gusto ko lang pasayahin ‘yung puso ko. Most of what I have right here, comics, toys, are things that matter to me. It’s not necessarily ‘yung pinakamahal o pinaka-rare. Wala ako masyado nun. It’s more of kasi ito ‘yung kinalakihan ko,” said the singer-songwriter.

Nyoy takes good care of his collection. He even had his Eternals comics graded and encased, not necessarily as a form of monetary investment but to preserve the memories it brings. And don’t you dare sneak out even just a piece because Nyoy would know. He has a catalogue of all the items in his collection!

Check out this video and satisfy your inner child with Nyoy’s toy collection!