Kapamilya Chat: Nash Aguas prank calls Jerome Ponce, gets a hilarious response

In this edition of Kapamilya Chat’s most requested Prank Call activity, Nash Aguas called Jerome Ponce, pretending to ask for rescue after hitting a vehicle. He said he’s at the police station negotiating with the car owner who is nagging him to pay 15, 000 pesos for the slight damage. But, he didn’t have the money, so he asked Jerome to come over and help him fix the trouble.

Jerome doesn’t have his car with him then, so he volunteered to just transfer the amount to Nash’s bank account but the latter said it would be impossible. Jerome thought of sending the money straight to the complainant’s bank account instead.

To make the drama more effective, of course, Nash used his acting skills and pretended to argue with the other camp. So, Jerome told him to apologize first, “Mag-sorry ka na lang.”

Unable to hold his laughter, Nash revealed the prank and realized he has found a good friend in his A Soldier’s Heart co-star, “I love you, ‘tol!”