My Rules Challenge: Seth Fedelin bares the “number one ekis” for him in a relationship

In Hotspot’s “My Rules Challenge,” Seth Fedelin talked about his dating rules with regards to the different categories given to him.

In “hanging out” or going on dates, he wanted his special someone to only have his eyes on him. Although he won’t get mad if her attention is going to be captured by another person, but he just feels uncomfortable with it.

For the “location,” he would probably bring her somewhere she would really enjoy or to a place that is special to him. It could be at a beach or a roadtrip to Antipolo, Tagaytay, or Baguio City with just the two of them.

With regards to “passwords,” he is totally not keen on getting his partner’s passwords on her social media accounts nor checking her phone (and vice versa) because he is well-aware that it’s one of the main causes of arguments among couples. He wants them to value their respective privacy and to just trust one another.

In “friendships,” he stressed the importance of making adjustments once one enters in a relationship by eliminating or limiting our old habits for the sake of attaining rapport. At the same time, he’s also the type who would only advise his partner to stay away from something or someone that could pose as bad influence to her, but would never force her to evade her friends and other people without a rational reason. He reminded the viewers to not be manipulative, territorial, or possessive towards their partners simply because their lives do not just revolve around us.

When it comes to “lying,” Seth divulged that bad lies are “number one ekis” for him, while “white lies” are just fine with him – yet it still depends on the situation. However, he encouraged everyone to be always truthful to ourselves and our partners.

“Communication” is very valuable to him as well, especially during those times when couples are in the midst of misunderstandings, in order for the relationship to last. Besides, it’s also the key not just to gain each other’s trust, but to give one another the peace of mind that you both deserve and to fully understand each other.

And lastly for “family,” it’s important for him that his partner comes from a good family as it will reflect on her, and that she has high reverence to her parents. He went on to remind everyone to not only love and respect our partners, but to have a harmonious relationship with their families, too.

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