MayWard share all the reasons why their newest ‘kilig’ flick “Princess Dayarees” is worth watching

Movie fans and devoted MayWard shippers have a sweet treat to look forward to when the New Year kicks in! The charming love team of Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber will bring us to the enchanting world of Reese/Princess Ulap and Caleb in the newest Star Cinema offering, “Princess Dayareese.”

WATCH: "Princess DayaReese" Official Trailer

Maymay plays the goal-digger Reese, whose biggest dream in life is to provide his adoptive family good fortune. This ambitious thinking tempts her to grab the offer to take on the identity of Princess Ulap, who renounces her life as a princess for a forbidden love.  

Amidst all the sham, she would meet Edward’s Caleb Abdon, a journalist who lives to tell the truth. Caleb takes on a journey to the isolated kingdom to produce a documentary film that will unravel its deepest secrets. So, how will things turn up when the truth seeker crosses paths with the con artist?

The duo wants to bring moviegoers happy vibes with this exciting movie offering. “Kung gusto n’yo ng bagong simula, bagong vibes, bagong kwento na punong-puno ng positivity, pagsisimula ng buhay with love, ito ‘yung movie na ‘yun,” said Maymay, confident that this film will help viewers forget about the bad memories of 2020.

Edward promised that “Princess Dayareese” is something fresh, and just feel-good. It’s a unique story and not a spin-off of an international movie with almost a similar title. They even infused fictitious kingdom language in the dialogues.

MayWard is proud of how this project was done with fervor despite back-to-back obstacles. In the middle of filming under ‘new normal’ protocols, the team encountered more challenges when Typhoons Rolly and Ulysses wreaked havoc on their locations. Some crew members’ houses were even destroyed, and the saddest thing was they’re all away from home when the destruction happened. Still looking on the bright side, they all used these ‘tragedies’ as motivation to do better. 

MayWard also talked about the pros and cons of working in a bubble. They thought shooting got more easy-flowing and they were all bonded on the set, thus, the chemistry. On the downside, being away from home would sometimes trigger anxious thoughts.

Maymay treasures the new family and friendships she found besides her improved self-confidence. She used to doubt her acting talent but eventually learned to believe in herself, thanks to this movie. The acting lessons paid off and she couldn’t be any prouder of the hard work they put into this project. Edward agrees, adding that everyone fought not just to survive but to create excellent output.

Don’t miss the premiere of Maymay and Edward’s newest ‘kilig’ flick, “Princess Dayareese” on January 1, 2021!

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