MayWard plays Read My Lips Challenge

If you need a theme song for your love story, then MayWard has a suggestion for you! In this game of Read My Lips, Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber take turns wearing headphones and try to guess what the other person is saying. Little did they know, the phrases are the lyrics to one of his songs!

Some of the easy lines were, “You are the one I’ve been waiting for” and “Love is not mythical”. She tried to sabotage him on “You’re the sunshine after the rain” but he still quickly scored a point.

Heart becomes fixable” was particularly hard for Maymay. “Heart break of despicable” and “Heart specs” were some of her guesses. “Hinay-hinay lang,” she requested eventually. He tried to offer clues using hand gestures, but they did not work at all. “Fixable” was the word that took a while. “Invisible” and “Visible” were some of her guesses. In the end, Edward got frustrated and gave away the answer. “Hirap naman ng F,” she said. “Walang point pero you have me,” he comforted her.

The Kapamilya actress faced the same struggles with “With you I am invincible” because “invincible” was so close to “invisible.” She was ready to give up at one point, “Ba’t ‘di matapos ‘yang visible na ‘yan tsaka fixable.”

To give him a hard time too, since Edward seemed like a pro at lip reading, she tried to talk fast during “signs are everywhere”. “Sun” and “sigh” were some of his guesses for the word “signs”. “Para naman may challenge,” she explained with a laugh.

In the end, they both scored four points which means it was a tie! Although, Edward feels that Maymay should be the winner since he recognized these lines from his song “Meant to Be”. You can listen to this on all digital platforms! And next time you play Read My Lips with your friends, try using these sweet lyrics as phrases too.