Maymay Entrata answers assumptions about her, questions from fans on Kapamilya Confessions

It has been already a long time since Maymay Entrata mingled with her fans virtually via Kapamilya Confessions. Thus, in its latest episode last Friday, July 17, we invited her on the online show to answer some of the assumptions about her sent in by her adoring fans on various social media platforms of ABS-CBN, as well as some of their questions for her.

Click on the video to find out which among her avid supporters’ assumptions about her are true or false. These include her being genuine and loving towards the people around her, being God-fearing and full of wisdom, having a huge appetite or getting hungry most of the time, being approachable and funny on-and-off-cam, being single at present, wanting to be wooed and surrounded by people always, and being happy-go-lucky.

Listen, as well, to Maymay’s impressive and insightful responses regarding that one thing she’s been wanting to do if given the chance and her realizations during the whole quarantine that she could impart to her ardent followers. She would also impart her message for her fellow fan girls since she’s also known to be an avid follower of some local and international superstars, and her prayers that she thought were already granted by God this 2020.

Furthermore, she even heeded to the request of one of her fans to sing her favorite song by shyly belting out her rendition of Rod Stewart’s classic hit “Have I Told You Lately”, which presumably delighted all her fans.