Maymay and Edward prove how close they are in this Compatibility Test

While it’s easy to despise 2020 as one of the saddest years in our lifetime, Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber inspire us to step into the next year with a sunny attitude – something deeply admirable considering their young age.

Like real good souls with child-like faith, they would rather be thankful than complain. They also felt the impact of the pandemic, especially on their mental health and finances, but these two won’t run out of things to be grateful for however big or small.

Their families are safe and healthy. They still managed to provide despite halted projects and were able to extend their blessings to others. There was joy to be found amid uncertainties. Also, one of the most memorable gifts MayWard got this year is the showing of their newest film, “Princess ‘Daya’ Reese,” after several postponements.

Princess ‘Daya’ Reese” is cooked with love and not just half-baked for the sake of filming. “This movie is not just about survival but making something beautiful out of the ashes,” he said, with much pride over their output. 

The movie was done in a mountainous location under the scorching heat of the sun, thus the extreme sunburn suffered by the actors. Maymay showed her arms still marked with traces of the acrylic tribal tattoo she wore for her character. Edward even got his scalp sunburned. He also suffered from heat rash. It’s still a happy kind of stress, though, cured by the fun bonding times after work. It’s the kind of exhaustion that brought fulfilment and made them look forward to each working day. 

For the creators’ part, they had to come up with their own kingdom language and set up an elaborate castle. It’s exactly this intense fervor that makes MayWard proud of this film. They found motivation from the hardworking people around them, apart from the love for their fans and the refreshing storyline.

Working inside a taping bubble has added more to the challenges. Maymay had to take extra health precautions due to her “weak immune system.” Thankfully, she would only feel tired and not sick. For Edward, the real test came when they were stuck individually inside a hotel room as part of safety protocols. Being alone opened the doors for sad and anxious thoughts. But unlike their long PBB stint, the lock-in taping was easier to navigate thanks to digital connections.

The well-loved tandem promised to bring us fresh start and good vibes through their newest ‘kilig’ flick. Set in the fictitious Kingdom of Oro, “Princess ‘Daya’ Reese” follows the story of Reese, whose biggest dream in life is to provide his adoptive family good fortune. This ambitious thinking tempts her to grab the offer to take on the identity of Princess Ulap, who renounces her life as royalty for a forbidden love. 

Amidst all the sham, she would meet journalist Caleb Abdon who takes on a journey to the isolated kingdom to produce a documentary film that will unravel its deepest secrets. How will things turn up when the truth seeker crosses paths with the con artist?

Directed by Barry Gonzales, “Princess ‘Daya’ Reese” also features Epy Quizon, Pepe Herrera, Neil Coleta, Chie Filomeno, Alora Sasam, Christine Samson, Iggy Boy Flores, CJ Salonga, Gold Azeron, Tahukei Kaneko, Big Mac Andaya, Miko Penaloza, and with the special participation of Snooky Serna.

Get your much-needed good vibes from MayWard’s “Princess ‘Daya’ Reese” available to stream starting January 1, 2021 via, iWant TFC, TFC, Sky Cable PPV and Cignal PPV.

This episode of Hotspot got sweeter and more fun as MayWard took on the Compatibility Challenge. They simply had to prove how close they are by answering questions about each other.

The first question was about Maymay’s favorite food. She wrote down ‘lasagna’ while he said Korean BBQ. The next item was for Maymay to reveal if Edward is a ‘saver or a spender.’ They both answered ‘spender.’ He explained that he’s not the type to deprive himself of his needs but he prioritizes saving up at the same time.

Edward seems good at remembering dates. He said Maymay was born on May 6, 1997. He also knows that she prefers tea over coffee.

His favorite mobile game, which she got right, is none other than the popular Mobile Legends. Asked to name Edward’s local celebrity crush, Maymay mentioned Liza Soberano, which he confirmed.

Lastly, asked whether “Instagram” or “TikTok” is Maymay’s most used application, he thought of the second choice while she answered the first one.

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