Maris Racal tours everyone around her newly renovated home in latest vlog!

As we miss seeing her bubbliness as Peachy Mabunga in Pamilya Ko, Maris Racal delighted us with her perky facet and unmistakable sense of humor in her latest vlog uploaded last August 24, wherein she gave us a virtual tour of her newly-renovated abode.

At the start, Maris shared that the renovation of their house just got finished so she made sure to immediately film a vlog showing everyone how it looks inside. As she entered the house, the first thing we noticed was the three-layered rack that contains all the sanitation essentials like alcohol, aerosol sprays, hand sanitizers, face shields, and masks because she wants everything to be in one place.

She then showed her favorite corner, which has her shoe rack that also serves as her console table where a flower vase, three tiny figurines, and a snake plant named “Jhemerlyn” were placed. It may be ridiculous, but she believes that if we give love (and name!) to your plant, it will actually live. She also introduced her palmera plant “Lucrecia”, a name that means extra or dramatic for her, and showed us a painting of water lilies that she got somewhere in Makati City.

Along the stairs going to the second floor, we could see a “line art” and below it is a dried eucalyptus plant placed in an old vase. The first thing that caught our sight is Maris’ piano and her gallery wall. She said that her stylist Paul actually helped her in printing out the paintings and framing them. It consists of paintings and printed pictures that have two dominant colors – orange and black – and she told us a few things about the five images hanging there.

The first painting on the corner left is an artsy portrait of Maris shot by famous photographer Shaira Luna, and below it is a Villa del Sol printed painting. At the middle of the gallery wall is the biggest painting and the first ever non-digital painting that she bought, which is a masterpiece of Filipino artist Buddy Cabrera that she spotted at Cubao Expo. Seen on the lower left is a digital print of one of Amedeo Modigliani’s creations and above it is a black and white photo of Maris, which was shot last November 2019 by Ryan Agustin.

The 22-year-old actress then proceeded to the living room, which is mainly a fusion of green, orange, white, and gold and was designed by Carell Garcia. The white wood slats on its wall and complementary white curtains make the area look clean, while the two mirrors mounted on one of its corners make it appear more spacious. There’s also the built-in table which carries the curved smart television and inside its drawers are all her camera stuff.

We also spotted two Acapulco chairs, and sitting between them is a customized side table topped with fake coral figurine, an abstract heart figurine, and a small plant. Since her green couch is indeed a beauty, which she named “Melanie”, she found it hard to let go so she asked her interior designer to pattern the other furniture, ornaments, and design of the living room after it. There are two fake eucalyptus plants situated on each side of it and complementing it is a center table with a golden plate, vase, fake corals, book, and candles on top of it. She also had the carpet be in color orange and have geometric designs in order to create contrast to the round table.

Moving on to the kitchen and dining room adjacent to the receiving area, Maris showed us the wall made up of easy-to-clean backsplash tiles, her six-year-old silver refrigerator, water dispenser, and the sleek black marble countertop table.

Proceeding to the third floor, we were once greeted by another printed painting and a Zanzibar gem plant, as well as by a pile of shoe boxes and a cabinet located at the right side of the hallway. Inside her bedroom, the first thing that we saw is the low, open cabinet where she places her vase and perfumes on a gold plate and stored inside its shelves were her books, awards, and other files.

The iWant “Beauty Queens” star shared that she was actually the one who designed her Nordic-themed room, which was painted with mustard, nude, beige, pink, and burnt orange. Lastly, Maris brought us to the music wall, found along the stairs going to the fourth floor, where all her guitars are hung. She revealed that it was her sister who had all of it fixed on the wall, as well as the sparkling silver mini dress she wore for her first album launch that was framed and gifted to her by its designer.

See the entirety of Maris’ revamped “crib” by watching this video!