Maris Racal gives a tour of her minimalistic, functional bedroom in latest vlog!

A year after giving us a tour around her house and her walk-in closet, ASAP Natin ‘To mainstay Maris Racal recently showed everyone her newly-renovated minimalistic yet functional bedroom in her latest vlog. 

She commenced the video in a very lighthearted note as she mimicked a viral meme clip and showed the snippet of her home tour vlog wherein she gave us a glimpse of her room. 

The 24-year-old actress-singer started off the tour by showing her shoe cabinet, where her perfume and some jewelry are placed, which is hidden behind the starking white roller blinds that perfectly doubles as a plain white wall or white background. She then imparted not changing her old dresser since it still serves its purpose and she doesn’t want to waste money. 

Maris then exhibited her simple yet complete bathroom, which is one of her favorite parts of her room. She expressed how happy she is to finally have her own bathtub and joked that it being sparkling clean was just all pretend since it’s usually not organized. 

Moving on to her most favorite and the most essential part of her bedroom -- the full-length mirrors that also serve as doors of her closet. According to her, she doesn’t only have it for fashion purposes, but to also help her in her rehearsals, such as when she practiced the choreography of her hit single “Ate Sandali”. 

Adjacent to it is a piece of a former wall that used to divide her room, which she requested to turn into cabinets wherein she could put her other stuff. 

She then enthused how much she loves her sleeping area since it’s the design she’d been really eyeing. Her comfy bed and curtains are also white, which complements the overall motif of her room. It has a striking yet functional headboard that doubles as a cabinet where she hides her books, camera equipment, and other stuff. Since she doesn’t want it to be covered, she opted to have customized acrylic bedside tables. 

Her room may not be really huge, but Maris is still able to provide a space for her lounge area where she usually loiters every time she’s sad or practices playing her guitar. She may not be studying at present, yet she has a study table and chair where she sets up her workstation. 

Thinking of having a room makeover? Get inspos by watching this Maris Racal room tour vlog!