Lou Yanong, Kiara Takahashi, Richard Juan say ‘dream come true’ to be contract artists of Star Magic

Everyone is psyched that Pinoy Big Brother alumni Lou Yanong, Kiara Takahashi and Richard Juan are official Star Magic artists.

While we enthusiastically wait for their upcoming projects, let's get to know these three talented stars in a Hotspot interview with Beshie ng Bayan DJ Jhai Ho!

Right after the huge Black Pen Day event that signed and introduced more than 40 new artists to the Star Magic family, Lou, Kiara, and Richard were all on a celebratory high. Finally being part of the Star Magic family is considered a great milestone for all of them.

Richard shared that he would describe the experience as “coming full circle,” After his exit from PBB about six years ago, he went straight to developing his skills, exploring different places, and having shoots in other Asian countries. When he came back home, it felt complete to be welcomed to be part of the Star Magic family.

Kiara, on the other hand, feels that everything she dreamed of before is becoming a reality. Before joining PBB, Kiara already set her sights on getting into show business and joined Star Magic workshops. To be chosen as one of their new artists today after all her hard work is deeply valuable to her. She is sure to make the most of this fresh new chapter in her story.

Lou expressed the same gratitude for the amazing opportunity. She says that she owes it all to God for guiding her and opening the door to explore her passion for entertainment and the industry despite it not being her first choice. Joining PBB and showbiz was a leap of faith for her and to see her labor bearing fruits is greatly rewarding.

They look forward to a lot of things now that they are Star Magic artists. The hardships and challenges that will arise are expected, but they are viewing them as conquests that will make them grow further. Lou especially makes it a point to do her best in the job because being a Star Magic artist is an opportunity of a lifetime that many dream of. Kiara agrees and promises to put the perseverance to continuously learn and hone their craft.

Richard adds that the opportunities that will open up now are endless and they can’t help but be thrilled to take them on. The friends they will meet and work with are also major things to look forward to as raised by Kiara.

Currently, the three of them are beginning their career in the Star Magic family by getting into hosting more. DJ Jhai asks them who they would want to interview given their budding passion for hosting. Kiara would love to interview Toni. With Toni being an amazing host herself and always being the one to ask questions, Kiara is interested to know more about her. Lou takes on a similar reasoning with her choice being Kuya from PBB. Since Kuya knows lots of secrets and details about the lives of housemates on PBB, she finds it as a potentially fun interview experience. Richard, who is used to hosting discussions on his own podcast, dreams to interview international actor Simu Liu. As the man to play the first Asian superhero film of Marvel, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Simu would have interesting stories to share.

DJ Jhai, Lou, Kiara, and Richard continued to talk more about random tidbits of their lives such as how they are managing their time these days or their ideal partner and if they are looking for love right now. They also engage in a fun “Who’s Who Challenge” to see who’s most likely to do something.

So if you want to know more, especially the intriguing details of who’s most likely to not shower in a week or who’s the most paranoid, watch the whole Hotspot interview!