LizQuen takes on fun, kilig Would You Rather Challenge

Real-life sweethearts Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil or LizQuen again brought immense kilig to netizens as they revealed how they would respond to certain tricky situations asked of them by writing their answers on respective whiteboards and show them onscreen in the Would You Rather Challenge on Showbiz Pa More with host DJ Jhai Ho.

What’s so remarkable and exciting was that both flashed identical answers all throughout the game even if they were located separately via the virtual call. Indeed, true lovers think and feel alike!

At first, they were asked if they would rather be stuck on an island alone or with the person they’re not in good terms with. And the love birds answered the same thing because they both thought that it’s actually better to have someone with you given the situation. Enrique said that he and that person will eventually need each other in order to survive. On the other hand, Liza shared that her biggest fear is actually to be alone.

They were then quizzed if they would rather wake up early in the morning or be wide awake up until the morning. And again, both of them gave a similar answer, which is to wake up early in the morning. As for Enrique, he chose it because he admitted he never wakes up early so that’s something about him he might want to change. Meanwhile, Liza said she prefers to stay up and use her time productively in doing things she’s supposed to do. She added that she always thinks we only have such a limited time in the world so might as well make the most of it.

On the matter about expressing their endearment for one another, the couple was asked if they would rather give a love letter or receive a love letter, and both gave the same response again, which was to write a love letter. Liza even shared that she already wrote a letter to Enrique while the latter said he’ll write a love letter for his dearest partner at the right time.

Between having the superpower to fly or to be invisible, both of them again made the same choice, which was to fly. Liza sweetly said she would always to fly to Enrique whenever she wants and would love to fly to other countries without paying for airfare. For Enrique, flying means feeling free.

Probably the most serious question asked of them was that if they’d rather love and get hurt or never get hurt and never fall in love. Liza and Enrique’s answers matched once more, saying love is what makes life meaningful so they will always choose to love even if it also means getting hurt along the way.

Watch more of Liza and Enrique answering those thrilling Would You Rather questions on JeepneyTV’s Showbiz Pa More.