Kyle Echarri’s new album

Kyle Echarri knows that being a Gen-Z influencer is both a privilege and a responsibility that’s why he uses his platforms to spread positivity and inspiration. The young superstar talked about making a difference through music and acting in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

Kyle was surprised that his video with Zephanie Dimaranan where they sang a “High School Musical” song raked in over a million views already. Fans think they could star in a musical one day and Kyle is open about it.

Especially now that most of us are stuck at home, Kyle is happy that platforms such as TikTok let people share their talent and soothe the boredom. To those who wish but lack the confidence to join these broadcast platforms, Kyle’s advice is “to be yourself and don’t be afraid of someone judging you.” He believes that those who judge others are just secretly suffering from their own insecurities.

At 18, Kyle is letting go of the ‘tweetums’ stage, evinced by his fiercer performances on ASAP Natin ‘To. He’s happy to show the real him. “I’m able to be myself more than anything. Parang walang makaka-control sa akin ngayon and I get to show people who Kyle really is now that I’m legal.”

A fitting metaphor of this major shift is the release of his sophomore album titled “New Views.” This album is co-written and produced by Kyle himself. He said he wanted listeners to feel a piece of his heart.

The word “views” was taken from the studio album of Canadian rapper Drake whom Kyle is a big fan of. He inserted “new” to reflect his ‘grown-up’ perspective about life and love.

The pandemic helped boost his songwriting creativity. He had the time to review his unfinished songs and write new ones. “It made me focus on the right emotions and attack what I want to attack, portray what I want to portray in each song. Talagang nasabi ko ‘yung mga gusto kong sabihin sa mga kanta,” said Kyle, whose ticket to OPM was joining The Voice Kids.  

Kyle’s “New Views” album features collaborations with his friends and some key OPM players. The single “Fuego” is co-written with Darren Espanto and was supposed to include Bailey May as well. Circumstances halted the original plan but they hope to release a remix soon. Darren was in Canada during the pandemic, so imagine the effort to collaborate despite the different time zones.

“Fuego” is his favorite song in the album because of its Spanish flavor. Kyle considers Darren his brother in the industry and he’s thankful that they are honest to each other. They don’t filter opinions and feedback about their music.

Kyle also included “As Long As You Are Mine” which he wrote in 2017 for his crush, who rejected him at that time. “Sinabi ko sa kanya na gusto ko siya pero ayaw niya sa akin at first. Nagsulat ako ng kanta. Hanggang ngayon hindi niya pa rin alam na para sa kanya,” he confessed.

On his dream collaborations, Kyle mentioned KZ Tandinan, Moira Dela Torre and Ben&Ben.