KoDrea’s First & Last

Kapamilya Chat had KoDrea plays the “First and Last Challenge,” and aside from trivia bits, the two served us with sweet ‘sana all’ moments.

In the game, Kobie Brown and Andi Abaya took on random questions about their ‘firsts and lasts.’ Guess what? Their answers just revealed how special they are to each other.

For instance, on the last lie they said, Andi was “hindi ako gutom.” Kobie knew because it was him who texted her “kumain ka na” last night. As for Kobie, he texted, “I’m going to sleep,” but ended up watching a series to help him doze off.

Another proof of their closeness is recommending good series and movies to each other. Kobie mentions the first Kdrama he loved is “Fight For My Way,” which was suggested by Andi, who was likewise influenced by her mom and sister. As for Andi, his first KDrama favorite is “Crash Landing On you.”

Then, they hinted at sharing playlists. When asked the first songs they listen to, Kobie confides that he plays whatever Andi requests, like when she asks for a “chill” song. And by chill, she means BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom.” On the other hand, his go-to song is Moira Dela Torre’s “Babalik Sa’Yo” because of its happy vibe. He loves to listen to it while walking at the mall.

They also talked about food. Andi shares that the last thing she ate was “monggo,” which is very unlikely for someone who’s not a fan of vegetables. She says getting sick this year inspired her to have a healthier diet and that she’s learning to love veggies. Well, it would be best if she can influence Kobi, who owns up to taking the lettuce off his burger.

Although not an expert, Andi can whip up a decent meal and the first recipe she mastered is her mom’s garlic-buttered shrimp. Kobie takes pride in learning how to cook garlic rice while inside the PBB house and in his special noodle recipe that has milk, melted cheese, and peanut butter.

On the travel-related questions, Andi recalls her first overseas trip to Hong Kong with her family. For Kobie, it’s either to the Philippines or Spain. As for their last travel, she went to Bacolod with the fambam, while he had a vacation at Boracay with his mom and aunts.

We also learned that they splurged on clothes using their first talent fee. The last phone call they received was from their handler. They also showed recent photos in their galleries – for Andi, a picture of the monggo she ate; for Kobi, a snap from their virtual guesting.