Kobie serenades Andi, asks her to be his date to the Star Magical Prom

With just a week leading to the much-anticipated Star Magical Prom, Kapamilya heartthrobs are busy doing all the work to make sure they get to bring their chosen girl to the ball. Well, they only have one real shot at asking their partner to be their prom date aka the “promposal.” In this video, we witness how Kobie Brown planned his promposal to Andi Abaya.  

“Sabi ni Direk Lauren [Dyogi], there are two proposals that you do in your life. First is the promposal, ‘yung second is proposing for marriage,” shared Kobie at the beginning of the clip uploaded by Star Magic. He only thought of one girl to bring to the special event, his love team partner Andi.  

“Pero bago ako mag-assume, kailangan ko muna magpaalam kay Tita Liz, the mom of Andi.” We hear snippets of Kobie’s conversation with Andi’s mother Leizel Abaya, “Hello, Tita! I just wanted to call you. I wanted to make paalam muna kung okay lang po, if I can bring Andi to the prom po?” After a quick interrogation, Andi’s mom gave Kobie the green light. Level one, surpassed!

Now it’s time for the next level, the most difficult yet exciting part – asking Andi to be his date to the prom, which he did during the premiere night of their new series Teen Clash.” 

After the photo ops, interviews and all, Kobie took the microphone backstage and moved up the audience area while singing “Mabagal,” the lyrics of which says, “Gusto kitang isayaw nang mabagal.” Baffled over this big declaration of affection, Andi reacted, “Bakit ba siya nandiyan? Hala! Ang daming tao.”

The serenade continued, with Kobie walking Andi to the stage. Then he popped the question, “Andi, prom is coming up soon. And I just wanted to ask. I mean, there’s no other person I’d ask except you. Will you come with me to the Star Magic Prom?” Two people were holding a banner that says, “Andi, will you dance with me at the Star Magic Prom?”

The song continued in the background, keeping us viewers immersed in the sweetly hopeful moment until Andi replied with a resounding “yes.”

KoDi is bound to get lost in the music and slow dance with their hearts at the Star Magical Prom on March 30!