Kira Balinger reacts to “Next Liza Soberano” tag

After portraying the role of the sassy and artistic Lemon Mabunga in the drama series Pamilya Ko, Kira Balinger decided to go back to her first love – painting. Her quarantine days are mostly spent with canvass and brushes, as well as home workout routines.

Kira adds that she misses her Pamilya Ko co-stars, their chitchats, fun times on the set and group lunch dates.

But an introvert by nature, Kira doesn’t mind getting cooped up inside the house. So, while she’s starting to miss the usual grind, Kira strictly stays at home as respect to frontliners. She says the public must learn to look at the bigger picture and be considerate of other people. The negativity is just all in the mind and we have the choice on how to react, as Kira puts it.  

Kira first learned how to paint at 9 years old, then, she took a break upon entering showbiz. Now that she has all the time to reignite the creativity, Kira often paints landscapes, natures, and faces. If she can muster enough confidence, she would like to paint her idol Liza Soberano. 

Kira is often tagged as the next Liza Soberano because of their resemblance. While she’s shy about the remarks, Kira feels honored to be called as such. The younger star showered her idol with compliments. She gushed over Liza’s kindness and humble approach to fame.  

Honestly, Kira is just as down to earth, often caught downplaying praises about her beauty, model-like physique, and talent. She even called her Star Magic’s Love From Home entry a huge disaster even if the output is simply stunning.

For the Love from Home DIY photoshoot, Kira borrowed a quality camera from her cousin. But the problem was she couldn’t find the perfect spot for the pictorial and she wasn’t able to prepare her wardrobe. “Noong time na ‘yun nasa Cavite po ako tapos ‘yung bahay hindi siya masyadong malaki, walang magandang space kung saan pwede mag-shoot. Wala din akong dalang magandang damit,” Kira recalled. The Kapamilya beauty settled for a casual plaid and jeans combo, then, took fabulous poses by the car. 

As the interview went on, Kira discussed how she keeps fit while at home. With a slender figure, captivating looks and intelligence to boot, Kira is often persuaded to join beauty pageants. She would like to, if the perfect time comes. But for now, acting remains her priority.

The rising star struggles to gain weight no matter how much she tries to pig out. So, instead of wanting to get more skinny, she focuses on strengthening the core muscles. The abs and the butt are her main targets.

Kira begins with quick warm-up exercises for the neck, shoulders, arms, hips, and legs. After stretching, she takes on her jump rope routine for a minute. Next, do the regular planking for another sixty seconds. This won’t only tone down the abs but also targets the arms. Go straight to one-minute side plank.  For the abs, Kira’s favorite exercises are the bicycle crunches and standing crunches.

Kira knows there are just days when you don’t feel like moving but you have to remember that nothing really comes easy. You need to start somewhere. To overcome workout laziness, Kira says you must look at exercise as a form of self-care. Even if you don’t get the exact physical results you wanted, working out provides mental and emotional health benefits.