Kim gets to know her fellow Star Magic artists via “This or That” Challenge

The Star Magic artists recently went on a US concert tour and took the opportunity to create a bit of fun while they were at it. In her recent vlog, Kim Chiu raids her fellow artists’ dressing rooms to ask them the ultimate “This or That” questions. Apart from the trivia bits, you will also enjoy the stars’ amusing hirits.

The “Bisaya room” with Kim, Maymay Entrata, and Maris Racal will never be boring. The trio keeps the game loaded with good vibes, especially when asked questions that remind them of their special someone. For instance, choosing between beach and mountain, Maris says it’s safer to be stranded at the beach because there are coconut trees and everything needed for survival. The ladies react, “you’ll be safe here kaya praktikal mag-isip,” alluding to the hit song of Maris’ boyfriend, Rico Blanco.

Next, is it a movie or dinner date? Kim and Maymay went for the second option. Maris chose dinner, saying she and Rico enjoy rating their food. You have to check out the trio’s laughtrip sample food review!

Maymay prefers cozy rainy days to sunny days. It’s the opposite for Maris, although she also likes rainy days when inside. Maymay and Maris say they want to focus more on singing, while Kim would go for dancing, “Gusto ko mag-sing pero hindi kaya.”

Kim also dropped by Belle Mariano and Charlie Dizon’s dressing room. Both girls prefer Netflix to YouTube and hugs to kisses. Belle struggled to choose between text and call. At first, she opted for text, then, Kim reacts, “Lagi naman kayong magkasama.” Then, Charlie says she likes calls better because “hindi ako ma-reply.” Next, Belle went for sweet; Charlie, salty.

Kyle Echarri was there to check out his friends, so he also took on the game. He decided on movie over dinner date, but Charlie reacts that dinner allows more intimate conversations to get to know the other person better. Therefore, Kyle changed his answer to please his friend, “Para matuwa naman ‘yung Charlie Dizon.” Between rainy and sunny days, he voted for the latter, although he’s okay with both “basta nand’un siya.” Now we found the newest king of ‘banat’.

AC Bonifacio, Angela Ken, and SAB’s dressing room is next. They squealed as Angela playfully picks “kiss” over “hug.” And when AC said she prefers video call over text, Angela reacts, “Parang nakikita ko nga po.”

Kim headed to the boys’ room, gifting us with the heavenly sights of Carlo Aquino and Zanjoe Marudo. So, to begin, Carlo favors movie over dinner dates; the opposite for Zanjoe. Asked to take their pick between beach and mountain, Carlo says it’s the hardest question “kasi talagang mahilig ako sa nature.” In fact, he has a sunset and a mountain tattoo. But for the sake of this game, he chose the beach. Meanwhile, Zanjoe settled for mountain, “Sawa na ako sa beach, eh.” Lastly, is it isaw or kwek-kwek? Zanjoe replies, “You can never go wrong, pare, sa kwek-kwek.”

Comedian Eric Nicolas also took on the game, picking mountain over beach, movie over dinner date, and rainy than sunny day. 

Next, Kim got KD Estrada, Alexa Ilacad, and Andrea Brillantes who was video-calling her boyfriend Ricci Rivero at that moment. KDLex had similar answers to almost every question. They both like text than call, kwek-kwek than isaw, photos than videos, and mountains than beaches. Meanwhile, Andrea says she prefers calls, isaw, videos, and beaches. The trio prefers coffee to tea.

The Gen Z stars refused to choose between cats and dogs because they love both. Alexa has two dogs and two cats. Andrea has eight dogs, four of which are rescued; and four out of her six cats are also adopted.

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