Kim Chiu’s upgraded van is voice-automated and downright aesthetic

Kim Chiu is known for her affinity for all things chic, as seen in her taste in fashion and interior designs. And even her newly spruced-up ‘smart van’ reflects her signature style. 

Aside from the added pizzazz, several functions in the van that was first customized in 2019 were redesigned for more convenience. In that way, Kim can still relax even when having long travels for her shows.

For starters, the new captain's seats are installed with an electronic adjustment that makes it easier to recline with just one touch of a button, as compared to the previous seats that require more effort to move. Then, she can either relax or gaze at the ceiling’s ‘starlights.’

As mentioned in her vlog, the overhead compartments are refurbished into a more minimalistic and soft-close design. The rearmost area features a motorized bed. As a bonus, the rear’s padded wall is adorned with cool hexagonal lights that spell out her name.   

What makes it more impressive is the installed AI system that lets Kim control the van’s different functions through voice command. The Kapamilya actress was as amazed as her viewers when the cabin lights changed in colors thanks to the digital voice assistant “Alexa.”  In the video, Kim explored this feature, directing “Alexa” to pull the window blinds, close the privacy wall, and activate ‘party lights.’

Well, there’s more! As requested by her sister Lakam, the van now has a custom vanity mirror installed. But this mirror has something special. It works as a two-way ‘smart mirror’ that can be used as a TV or tablet. Of course, there’s WiFi installed to make it all the more convenient.

Instead of a toilet, which most ‘artista vans’ have, the It’s Showtime host opted for a more spacious sleeping area, and a walk-in closet at the back of the van. Instead of a toilet, she keeps her “mahiwagang arinola” or chamber pot.

In a quick interview with the vehicle’s interior designer Atoy Llave, Kim asked the benefits of a customized van and Atoy answered that it’s more comfortable and roomy, “Kasi if you buy a van, ang daming upuan, hindi pala ‘yun ang kailangan. Tulad mo, kailangan mo ng specialized kasi ‘pag nasa taping ka, you want to have your own set up na komportable ka na hindi mo sinusunod ‘yung gusto ng iba.”

Since her van is her home away from Kim, it is only right that Kim wants it comfortable and a reflection of her personality.

Check out Kim’s van tour in the video!