Kim Chiu reveals costliest online purchase in “Truth or Drink Challenge”

Aside from her impressive hosting stints in It’s Showtime and explosive production numbers in ASAP Natin ‘To, Kim Chiu’s another way of amusing us is through her eponymous YouTube channel, through which she gives us a peek of her life outside showbiz.

And in her latest vlog, we were truly thrilled to see her enthusiastically accept the popular “Truth or Drink Challenge,” wherein she had to answer each question her team had prepared for her, otherwise she had to take a shot of the then-undisclosed drinks from the cups in front of her.

Just on the very first question, which was “what’s the worst thing you’ve ever done for work?”, the Chinita Princess already failed to supply an answer, compelling her to swig vinegar.

Aside from that, she was also forced to drink in the succeeding questions that were truly intriguing, she couldn’t afford to drop a name. Unable to mention the person she doesn’t want to work with, she had to consume a shot of brandy. Then wine in exchange of not naming the colleague who has the worst attitude; soju for the vlogger she doesn’t want to do a collab with; and root beer for the leading man she doesn’t want to be paired with again.

Even though she was really hesitant to take at least a drop of soy sauce and hot sauce, Kim found herself with no choice than to spill the celebrity who borrowed money from her and still has not paid yet, as well as the co-actor who, for her, can’t act really well.

On the other hand, she was brave and enthusiastic to answer most of the questions. She denied that her boyfriend Xian Lim or her ex-boyfriend borrowed money from her, that she had an ugly beau, that she sent a sexy photo to someone, that she would accept an offer from a different network, that she had a worst date, that she ghosted a friend, that she cheated on her partner, that she had a colleague who has body odor, that she had kissed an onscreen partner who seemed not to have brushed his teeth, and that she has a hard-headed sibling.

Meanwhile, the 31-year-old multi-faceted artist said “yes” to the questions that pertained on the possibility of befriending an ex, on being cheated on by someone, on urinating in a swimming pool, on vomiting due to being extremely drunk, on being slapped for real by a co-actor during a scene (which she bared as Glydel Mercado in Sana Maulit Muli), and on giving the last vaccine to BLACKPINK’s Jennie Kim (but in exchange of having a personal encounter with her first!).

Kim also confessed taking limitless number of selfies in a day, the wildest thing she ever did in her life, the ASAP Natin ‘To mainstay she doesn’t want to perform with, and the hugest amount she paid for an item she bought online (which she shyly revealed amounted to Php150,000!).

Curious on her revelations? Click on this video to see the fun and thrilling happenings (and responses!) in her “Truth or Drink Challenge!”