Kim Chiu recalls Chinese Cutie PBB days to fab Chinita Princess now

‘Classroom muse’ Kim Chiu brightens up our day with her sunny attitude and humor in this Out of the Box (OOTB) Challenge where she gamely took on quirky dares and answered mind-boggling questions. This also serves as the ultimate Chinita Princess throwback game as she reminisces on previous television and movie projects.


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To kick off the challenge, and nostalgia, Kim was given 5 seconds to name five housemates from Pinoy Big Brother Teens Season 1. Ex-boyfriend Gerald Anderson made it to her list along with best friends Nina Jose, Fred Payawan, Matt Evans, and Olyn Membian. First PBB Teens winner Kim stayed inside the house for 42 days.


Before she lectured us about classroom rules, Kim portrayed the role of a diligent nerdy freshman in the coming-of-age movie “First Day High.” Kim demonstrated the cast’s trademark hand gestures.


Asked to mention five co-stars in the 2007 youth-oriented show “Gokada Go,” Kim thought of Alex Gonzaga, Dianne Medina, Matteo Guidicelli, Bangs Garcia, and Eda Nolan.


We bet you were bitten by the LLS (Last Song Syndrome) bug when you heard the commercial jingle “Kering-Keri” performed by Kim. In this OOTB Challenge, Kim sang the catchy tune, motivating her viewers that even difficult tasks such as cooking, braiding the hair, and doing a split are all ‘kering-keri.”


Who would ever forget Kim’s “Shinota mo ang best friend mo!” line in the 2010 movie “Paano Na Kaya?” To give it an exciting twist, Kim translated her iconic dialogue in Bisaya dialect. 


Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?” was the question that drove Kim crazy in 2013 when she played as the ugly duckling Sandy Veloso in a film with the same title. Seven years later, here’s Kim Chiu, demonstrating the proper ‘pabebe’ move to win your crush’s heart.


In 2017, Kim haunted moviegoers when she took on the titular role in the horror film “The Ghost Bride.” When asked “Bakit tinawag na ghost bride and ghost bride kung hindi naman ghost ang bride?” Kim brought us the back to the movie’s plot.


Kim has many times proved that she can conquer the music scene as well. One of her most LSS-inducing singles, “Mr. Right” talked about a girl’s journey in finding the “icing on her cupcake.” In this OOTB Challenge, Kim delivered a heartfelt poetic performance of “Mr. Right,” and for 10 seconds, acted selling icing-filled cupcakes.


Kim recited the tongue twister “Si Kim Chiu ay may kimchi sa kotse ni Kitchie” three times and with flying colors. Kim is a die-hard fan of the K-pop group Blackpink. Proof? She can recite all four members’ hometown!


Lastly, Kim was asked to construct her own classroom rules. She said, “Bawal maingay, bawal mangopya, at bawal ang walang respeto sa teacher at kapwa estudyante.”


Watch the video for Kim’s adorable answers and antics in this virtual OOTB Challenge!