Kim Chiu 2021 review

Kim Chiu looked back on a very fulfilling 2021, pointing out her career highlights during the year, as well as the difficulties she faced and important learnings that made her a better artist and person.

In this episode of her personal vlog shot on New Year’s Eve last year, Kim first talked about all the blessings she received over the past 12 months.

Among these highlights were her brand endorsements for a clothing brand and an e-commerce company, and her winning the Magpasikat 2021 as part of the champion team with fellow It’s Showtime hosts Karylle and Amy Perez.

But an eye-opening revelation in Kim’s vlog were the challenges she encountered in 2021. Kim disclosed having tested positive for COVID-19 and had to undergo strict isolation in her room for 10 days. Kim said that despite the findings, she felt no symptoms of the virus. She showed a short clip detailing her journey during self-imposed quarantine, with stacks of food and other necessities placed inside her room. She showed how the struggle was real, but was eventually ecstatic to find out from a subsequent test showing negative results.

In 2021, a key learning for Kim was facing her fears, particularly for some people or contracting the COVID-19 virus. Kim said she learned to have courage to fight her own long-held fears and face them. In the end, she said all of her fears came to pass and felt genuine happiness and fulfillment, with the help of constant prayers and belief in herself.

Kim then thanked her fans and close colleagues who continue to support her through the years, and ABS-CBN for all the opportunities she continues to make the most of. At the vlog’s conclusion, Kim revealed and showed viewers the wonderful “blessing” that came in the yearend.

What is this “blessing” that is truly majestic and breathtaking? Find out by watching this video.