KDLex shares advice on social media usage

Always consider the consequences before publishing a post and take social media detox once in a while, KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad, two of internet’s most loved celebrities, said during their guesting on Kapamilya Chat.

With its availability, social media can be easily misused or abused, and the most practical tip to give is to take constant breaks from it or much better if you can stop using it entirely. It’ll be good for your mental health too.

KD explained, “Sometimes when you scroll throughout the day, nakaka-drain din, eh. Sometimes I just need that breather. I need that break from my phone, gadgets, and Wi-Fi.” There are a lot more productive hobbies out there. For example, KD plays his guitar or go to the gym as escape while he disconnects from social media. He’d rather focus on real-life interactions and being physically active.

Alexa agreed, saying she also deactivates her accounts. While disconnected from social media, she enjoys spending time with her pets and real human interactions or just taking a rest and doing nothing.

But for those who couldn’t let go of social media, the easiest advice is to consider the consequences before hitting the “post” or “send button. “Especially in the heat of the moment when we’re very impulsive, I think it’s best to take a step back, to breathe, and to think before you click. Kasi you really don’t know how something can affect you and people around you,” shared Alexa, who also underscored the need to fact-check to avoid spreading fake news.

On dealing with bashers, KD has learned to just ignore them unless they target people close to him, especially Alexa. “My concern talaga is the bashing against Alexa. I know myself more that’s why I feel like, if they say stuff about me, that’s okay. But when they say stuff about Alexa and I see na nasasaktan siya, I really defend.”

As for Alexa, she saved a lot of her energy by deactivating her social media inbox “para wala na akong makikita.”

She then expressed gratitude for having fans that speak up and fight on their behalf, “I’m thankful talaga na the fans are really protective of us. It’s not that we want them to be bullies or bash anyone else because they don’t do that naman, pinaglalaban lang talaga nila kami. ‘Pag nakikita nilang below the belt o sobra na yung mga tinitira sa amin, that’s when they strike back.”

Check out KD and Alexa’s tips on how to become responsible social media users in the video!