Kapamilya React with KDLex

KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad shine together, so much so they can light up our universe. The spark started when they met in the Pinoy Big Brother house, and ‘kilig’ never stopped tailing them since. Wherever they go, the spark just follows – be it inside Bahay Ni Kuya, on stage, on the set of a music video shoot, or in a series. Kapamilya React showed KD and Alexa some of their viral ‘kilig’ moments that happened in the said places, reminding them of happy memories.

The first clip was from their first meeting as PBB Kumunity Season 10 housemates. As Alexa recalled, KD was the first housemate to notice her entrance. She was too nervous to approach everybody, but KD saved her that night. “I came off as a bit suplada because I wasn’t smiling. I was dying inside, honestly. But then, no one was noticing me, so I just froze there. And thankfully, KD was like, ‘Uy!’ then he was pointing at me.”

From KD’s point of view, he was amazed to confirm assumptions about Alexa entering the house. “Ito nga siya! This is her! This is the girl in the trailer,” he thought to himself upon seeing her come in. When KD got a hold of his guitar a few days later, he and Alexa started to make music, and magic, together.

The next thing they knew, they were in the outside world living as a tandem. Among their first events as an official love team was a digital fan convention that coincided with Alexa’s birthday last February 26. And as a gift, the always-full-of-surprises KD gave her a luxury necklace that has a white heart pendant, which represents their fans aka ‘sweethearts.’ Then, he said something that made KDLex fans run out of air: “Since it’s a heart, it’s like I’m giving you my heart.” Watching that clip, Alexa reacted, “It’s the best gift.”

The pair sprinkled ‘kilig’ on social media by nearly kissing in the “Misteryo” music video. “I think nag-enjoy ka,” she told him after watching the clip. He smiled, “It was a very light shoot. Everyone was having fun lang.” Alexa added, “We know that scene is going to be the favorite of our fans. So, we really wanted to make it super nice for them. It was really fun.” She wrote the lyrics of the song overnight and asked the help of a friend for the melody, “I was just so inspired at the moment. It was just so easy for me to write ‘Misteryo.’ I was just speaking from my heart and my imagination.”

Next was a snippet from “Run To Me” where Alexa’s character, Jewel, slapped KD’s Wilson for saving her from her orchestrated kidnapping. KD revealed, “She slapped me so hard I forgot my line. Parang may three seconds ‘ata na hindi ako nakapagsalita dahil sa sobrang gulat…’Yung pagkakasabi ko niyan, that was legit. That was not acting.” Alexa further shared, “May tatlong daliri sa pisngi ni KD tapos ang pula-pula. Kawawa!”

As real as that slap is KD and Alexa’s chemistry in “Run To Me.” So, don’t miss an episode every Saturday, 8pm, on iWantTFC