KDLex gives off kilig vibes during fun, exciting makeup challenge

After losing to her Mommy Dina in her previous vlog, wherein she gauged their knowledge about her, Alexa Ilacad challenged her loveteam partner KD Estrada to do her makeup in the latest vlog that she uploaded on her YouTube channel.

Since he doesn’t have that much idea about makeup and the proper way of using or applying each cosmetic product, she couldn’t help but get a little nervous that he might turn her into a clown, which she jested could ruin her career. KD also felt the same, so he just wished that even though he failed this challenge, it would not make her love him less.

Seeing how confused and helpless he was, Alexa broke the rules of the game a little by giving him clues on what brush to use, what must be applied next, and the proper way of putting each product – to which KD was so thankful for. As her reactions made KD very conscious, Alexa tried her best to control her reactions and allowed him to do whatever he thought was right on her face – as if she’s his “coloring book.”

As he was unsure of what he was doing the entire time, he kept on telling Alexa how pretty and beautiful she is already, and how she doesn’t need to have a lot of makeup on her face anymore. At the same time, she also made sure to praise him every time he did something correct.

KD might have messed up a bit and kind of failed in this fun makeup challenge, but he and Alexa succeeded in effortlessly making us kilig with their cute banters and amusing interactions throughout the process. Before showing Alexa her face, he made her do a pinky promise that she would not hate him, to which she assured him that she would definitely not.

She might have screamed upon seeing his “masterpiece” and exclaimed that she looked “ugly” and “like the Bride of Chuckie”, but Alexa was impressed by his skills and gave him “A” for effort and for at least he tried. She’s also glad that KD accepted the challenge and that he enjoyed doing it. When asked if he’s going to do it again, he told her that he’s likely to do it in the future, but he has to undergo makeup lessons first.

Watch this video to see how cute KDLex was during this fun makeup challenge!