KChat Dikitan Challenge with KDLex

Be warned, sweethearts: KDLex will make you so ‘kilig’ you will run out of air!

In an episode of Kapamilya Chat, KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad played the “Dikitan” Challenge in which they‘d pick a number corresponding to a body part. To make it more exciting, they must sing a duet while doing the challenge.

In the first round, KD was supposed to touch his lips on Alexa’s cheek. But, we’re saving it for next time, guys. For now, we can make do with forehead to cheek while KDLex sings “Like I’m Gonna Lose You.” Their harmony was so good, by the way.

In the second round, they both picked ‘hand’ and performed “A Thousand Years” and then changed it to “California King Bed” because they wanted everything to be perfect. Lastly, they went arm to arm while singing their original single “Misteryo.”

Jamming has never been this kilig!