Tongue Twisters with KDLex

“You’re all the adjectives I could think of.”

KDLex never runs out of sweetness even in the middle of a very challenging Tongue Twister game. In the video, KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad were asked to deliver different tongue twisters, and the losing player will be given a consequence. 

The loveteam tackled three extremely difficult phrases, of which the first one was “How can a clam cram in a clean cream can?” Alexa, the ever-so-perfect “Smartista Unica Hija” was able to pronounce this eloquently. KD did it as well, especially when they recite in chorus, which only proves they are better together. 

“He threw three free throws” was the second tongue twister, which is a lot shorter, thus much easier. While both players aced this round, judges’ votes went to Alexa. 

The tandem was getting the hang of the challenge when they went through the sentence “I saw a kitten eating chicken in the kitchen” in the final round. Alexa was so sweet cheering for KD when he managed to say it fast three times.

However, considering the two previous rounds, KD still lost to Alexa and had to describe her using every letter in her name as consequence. To begin, he called her adequate. We were only at the first letter but Alexa was already blushing and told KD, “Thank you. That means a lot because when you feel inadequate, that means you feel useless.”

For the letter L, she was kind of expecting loving and loyal, but instead, he came up with limber which means flexible and graceful. The super witty KD combined the letters E and X for extra caring and extra loving. 

They had an abundance of choices for the final letter A like adorable, amazing, and awesome, which made KD say to his onscreen sweetheart, “You’re all the adjectives I could think of.”  Aww.

Watch the fun and ‘kilig’ challenge with KDLex in the video!