KDLex answers fan questions

KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad made the ‘sweethearts’ happy by responding to their questions about love and career.

Kapamilya Chat picked a few questions sent in by netizens, starting with what KD and Alexa’s reaction would be in case the person who hurt them comes back knocking on their door. Well, for Alexa, there’s nothing else to do but lock that door! “You hurt me? I’m done,” she said, with KD adding, “They don’t deserve a second of my time.”

KDLex was then asked their viewpoints about contentment, to which Alexa replied, “Ang hirap niyan kasi as people, hindi ‘ata tayo makukuntento, eh. Kasi we always feel like we want more, we can achieve more.” At 22, her idea of contentment is seeing her parents happy. As for KD, he thought it is too early to tell. They are both young and still working toward the highest level of satisfaction in life. But, partner-wise, he can say he is content with his love team partner.

Alexa added that contentment is also being okay with people leaving. ”Something I learned is may karapatan lahat umalis. May karapatan lahat magbago ng isip. But if you’re willing to accept the pain that comes with that, then, yes, nando’n na ako sa point na if ma-hurt man ako, wala akong pagsisisihan.”

KDLex had excited reactions when asked if they are open to trying out a career in Hollywood, saying Filipino representation should matter in the international scene.

This 2023, the Kapamilya love team will conquer musical theater next by starring in “Walang Aray,” a modern take on the classic zarzuela “Walang Sugat.” If they can introduce theater to their friends, they would pick the musically inclined like Angela Ken, Lian Kyla, and Gigi de Lana.