KDLex and their Christmas comfort food, wish, and Santa stories

If you’re looking for something to make you smile this Christmas, check out this video of KD Estrada and Ilacad. Here, they shared their selfless holiday wishes, comfort food, and thoughts about Santa Claus. 

First, we asked when they stopped believing in Santa. When it comes to the guy dressed in red, Alexa is in limbo, saying, “He could be real or he could be not.” 

On the other hand, KD shared he also fell for his parents’ Santa tricks when he was little. You know, when our parents made us believe that Santa dropped by to fill our socks with goodies. Eventually, they had to burst our bubble. “Of course, I was a bit disappointed pero naisip ko, maybe Santa Claus is more like an expression, the gift of giving rather than a person,” mused the 20-year-old crooner. 

We move on to their Christmas comfort food, which is ‘bibingka’ for KD. That brings to mind their bibingka and puto bumbong costumes at the Star Magical Christmas Ball 2022. For Alexa, she said there must be any pasta dish on their spread since it’s her mom’s favorite.

When asked about their Christmas wishes, KDLex inadvertently demonstrated their big-heartedness. Alexa’s yearly wish is for all stray animals to be saved, while KD calls for solidarity. 

“Maybe this Christmas, kahit just once in our lives, we can all have peace and we can all forget about kung may away or disagreement with this person. Let’s just all put that down. Let’s just enjoy the holidays,” he said. 

Oh, please make KD and Alexa’s wishes come true!