Denise Laurel vlog with KDLex

Denise Laurel wished for a day full of kilig, music, stories, and more kilig. Wish granted by KDLex! The loveteam crashed her place for a sleepover, and it was so fun and cute nobody wanted to leave #DeesRoom! 

In Denise’s latest vlog, KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad went through different challenges. The first one involved a list of questions submitted by their fans aka ‘sweethearts,’ which allowed them to share their thoughts about being dubbed as a breakthrough loveteam and their steady journey to stardom. 

As we all know, Alexa started her career as a child star and was cast in the kiddie gag show “Goin’ Bulilit.” Meanwhile, KD has been in showbiz for around three years before he entered the Pinoy Big Brother house where he met Alexa. They may have had different schedules coming in the industry but both of their paths required a lot of tenacity, thus overwhelmed when their dreams started to shape up after getting evicted from the PBB house on the same night – talk about destiny! 

KDLex waited so long for their first lead roles, which they got via iWantTFC original series “Run to Me.” The show has given them a lot of firsts including KD’s first time to get slapped in a scene. He said Alexa made it so realistic that his brain jiggled, so he forgot his line and it took him around three seconds to recover. 

It’s worth noting how KD and Alexa support each other, evidenced by the exchange of praises whether that be about their acting performances in the series, how they’re working hard to be better people, and even the bowls of bingsu they just made while answering the questions. 
The tandem considers themselves as ambiverts, learning over time that it’s important to be surrounded by the right people. And among the “right people” are each other, of course. 

KD and Alexa want to be remembered for their authenticity, and also their music. Since there are no rules on dreaming big, they wish to collaborate with many international stars including Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. For their pick-me-up songs, Alexa chose “Famous Last Words” by My Chemical Romance while KD went for “Ligaya” by Eraserheads. 

More of their playlist in the second challenge!

In the “Jenga with a Twist” segment, KD and Alexa played the classic Jenga game wherein they’d pick a question from the glass bottle of song challenges if they get a block with sticker. The player who topples down the tower will get a consequence; otherwise, Denise will receive the punishment. 

KD and Alexa are meant to make beautiful music together! Here, we got to hear them sing “I See the Light,” their favorite Disney love song; “You Have My Heart” by Emily Sage, the song they love to sing together; and “Runaway Baby” by Bruno Mars, which they dedicate to their characters, Wilson and Jewel, in Run To Me.

Things got more romantic when Alexa revealed that “Marry Me” by Train is KD’s favorite song to sing to her. They also gave a sample duet of “Lucky” by Jason Mraz as the love song they relate to the most. Denise was all of us going heart-eyes over KDLex: “You guys sound so beautiful together.”

In the next challenge, KD and Alexa must draw their answers to questions that reveal how well they know each other. They said Japan is their dream travel destination, fried chicken and pizza make them happy, and their first unforgettable moment is when they were just looking up at the starry night sky together. 

Asked what they’re afraid of, KD answered, “What am I afraid of? Losing you.” He said Alexa’s pet peeve is wrong grammar. Their ideal date according to KD is eating Japanese food and bringing along Alexa’s pets; for her, a concert date that will happen soon on Justin Bieber’s Manila tour. 

The pair ended the show with a duet of “Misteryo.” KDLex also didn’t forget to thank their fandom for always making their day brighter through their support and creativity (they see your photo and video edits!), so keep spreading the love by watching the video on Denise’s YouTube channel!