KarJon on Dear MOR: The Broken Hearted

Always eager to expand their artistry, Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza lend their voices to Dear MOR Celebrity Specials, an audio program that features love stories from letter-senders.

KarJon has now learned the essence of on-cam acting, which is to express emotions through the eyes. And it’s a different experience to be acting behind the cameras using only the voice. Add to the challenge reading the script while the eyes are hazy with tears. But then again, Karina and Aljon enjoyed dramatizing the story of Cherry and Jake.

Dear MOR Celebrity Specials: “The Broken Hearted revolves around Cherry, the letter-sender, who falls in love with Jake, the brother of her best friend, Lester. It could’ve been easy to turn her dream relationship with Jake into reality if he didn’t leave for Manila and come back a different person. He’s become cold and bitter, however, Cherry worked hard to break down his emotional walls. Apart from the love angle, the plot also touches on mental health awareness and family drama.

In this interview with Kapamilya Chat, Karina said their characters grew up in different milieus – she is loved while he feels like a stranger at home. Amid their differences and mature issues left unspoken, understanding and healing from a traumatic past will be born from their situation.

In real life, Karina and Aljon also believe that the first step to healing is embracing the pain. After all, it’s only temporary. It’s also important to be surrounded by people who will stay during your darkest moments, like Cherry to Jake.

It doesn’t mean though that a new relationship is a prerequisite to healing. It would be better to enjoy your time alone or with friends. Sometimes it’s even healthy to open up to strangers or people unattached to your issues to get a fresher perspective, said Karina, “I ask advice from people na hindi kasama doon sa sitwasyon like from a third point of view… Parang mas madali sa inyo kasi walang emotional attachment. Nakikita mo na parang ang dali naman ng problema, eh, pinapahirap n’yo lang kasi may mga emosyon kayong nararamdaman.”

For Aljon, on the other hand, the best persons to seek advice from are the elderlies since they have more wisdom. “Dati, humihingi ako ng advice sa mga kasing-edad ko kasi alam nila ‘yung nararamdaman ko, eh. Pero na-realize ko mas marami rin palang pinagdaanan ‘yung mga mas matatanda, feeling ko mas marami akong matututunan.”

Karina added that distractions and projection only bring temporary comfort. Admittedly though, she has the tendency to isolate herself as coping mechanism. “Parang n’ung una, ang ginagawa ko, binabaon ko ‘yung sarili ko sa trabaho. Sobrang nagpapaka-busy ako. Tapos, late mo na nare-realize na hindi ko pa pala napa-process ‘yung totoong nararamdaman ko kasi tinatago ko at tinatapon ko… Pero at the back of your head, nand’un pa rin siya. So, hindi mo lalo siya matatapos,” shared Karina. But above all, she said said prayer is the highest form of medication for emotional pain.

Catch KarJon as voice actors in Dear MOR Celebrity Specials: “The Broken Hearted” available on MOR Entertainment’s YouTube Channel.