Kapamilya Spotlight: LoiNie captivates with kilig-filled love journey

There’s indeed no doubt that Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte are among the most popular young celebrities in the country at present, not to mention being one of the hottest pairs both on-screen and in real life.

However, unlike other showbiz couples out there who started out as television love teams, Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte’s journey to love is totally a different story as it didn’t go that way. And we’re able to follow how their romance bloomed and continues to prosper through the years in their appearances, either solo or together, in various Kapamilya programs, which we compiled in this montage.

It was in their Gandang Gabi Vice guesting in 2018 when the two convinced us that there’s indeed already something romantic going on between them as they called each other “be” (which is short for “bebe ko” ) and how touchy and apparently happy they were with one another.

According to LoiNie, even though they had already met in workshops before, their closeness began when they both began working in It’s Showtime – with Loisa as part of GirlTrends while Ronnie as a Hashtags member. It was their colleagues Zeus Collins and Jon Lucas who incessantly teased them to each other as the former allegedly caught Loisa glancing at Ronnie from time to time. She didn’t hesitate to admit that she’s the first one to fall for his charms, confessing that she appreciated his cuteness even prior to working with him on the noontime show.

On the other hand, Ronnie proudly disclosed that he started to like her when they finally got the chance to talk and get to know each other. He got smitten not just by her beauty, but with her sense humor and admirable personality as well.

They may have neither admitted nor denied that they are already in a relationship, but Loisa implied in her interview in Tonight With Boy Abunda early that year that they were exclusively dating and at the point where they’re more than friends but less than lovers.

LoiNie went on to indirectly address the questions regarding the real score between them, but in their appearance on Magandang Buhay in December 2018, it was really evident how they bring absolute happiness to each other’s life. Both of them agreed that they’re not in the rush to bring their relationship on the next level, since they’re still enjoying each other’s company while in the getting-to-know stage and they’re still focused in their respective careers and showbiz commitments.

And after months of hiding and letting speculations run about the real deal between them, Ronnie finally, and proudly, declared to the whole world that Loisa is indeed already his girlfriend in their guesting in iWant ASAP a few days after that Magandang Buhay interview.

Later that month, both of them returned in GGV to promote their Metro Manila Film Festival 2018 movie “Fantastica” together with MayWard and DonKiss, wherein they confirmed that they were already on their second year of being together. In their comeback in Tonight With Boy Abunda a few days after, they celebrate their anniversary every November 26 and that year, they marked it by greeting each other via text message since they had taping for The General’s Daughter.

However, just like any other couple, it wasn’t always rainbows and sunshines for them. LoiNie also encountered a lot of obstacles along the way that terribly challenged their relationship. Aside from the snide remarks and discouraging words they receive from some of the people around them, as what he shared to the momshies of Magandang Buhay, they also had their own share of misunderstandings that compelled them to swallow their pride just to iron those out.

Then in his interview in TWBA last February, Ronnie confessed to Tito Boy that there were several instances that he already gave up to Loisa. But he realized, with the help of their loyal fans, how important she is to him and how it’s already impossible for him to live without her in his life. Those challenges and his burning love for Loisa taught him to embrace the entirety of her, to have faith towards each other, and to unconditionally pour out oneself to your partner.

Meanwhile, in her return to the late night show on that same month, Loisa expressed how kilig she was with Ronnie’s statement in his prior separate interview on the show and how happy she is that they are maturing at the same time. She also explained that even though her past controversy really tested their relationship, that also strengthened their bond and fortified their faith and love for one another.

Stay in love Loisa and Ronnie!