Kapamilya Confessions: Xyriel Manabat giddily answers fan questions about showbiz career, personal life

Former award-winning child actress Xyriel Manabat had the chance to mingle with her fans by responding to their queries and sharing a few things about her on Kapamilya Confessions.


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But before that, she took enthusiastically took on the First and Last Challenge, imparting the first and last person, things, or experiences that corresponds to a given category.


Starting off with her first teleserye acting, she recounted that it was Komiks Presents: Tiny Tony. However, it was in Rod Santiago’s Agua Bendita wherein she had the initial opportunity to fully showcase her acting chops. It was also where she had her first embarrassing moment, recalling how it took her 20 takes to perfect one of her lineless scenes.


Kuha mo?!” is her first most unforgettable teleserye line and hair is the first person that she sees in a person.


For her list of “lasts”, her last Instagram post was a photo of her wearing a purple oversized shirt, her last ‘I love you’ was to her mom minutes prior to her interview, the last time she cried was the night before as she had difficulty in sleeping, the last thing on her mind was the French fries she was munching, and the last message she sent was the link of this Kapamilya Confessions video.


Moving on to the questions of her loyal fans, a lot of them expressed how excited they are to see her back on the limelight. However, Xyriel, who’s now in Grade 11, disclosed that she’s not yet keen on returning to acting as she wants to focus in her studies and personal life for the meantime.


Kahit walang pandemic, hangga’t hindi pa ako fully committed do’n sa show o sa pag-aartista o sa pagbalik po sa industry, hindi po siguro muna ako tatanggap ng offers o inquiries kasi po gusto ko po talagang nando’n lang ‘yung focus ko and gusto ko po talaga ibigay ‘yong 100% ko and mabigyan ko po ng justice lahat ng role o lahat po ng ino-offer sa akin,” she explained.


When asked which among her teleseryes made her believe that she’s indeed a brilliant actress, she said that it would be her portrayal of the young Lily Cruz in the 2017 series Wildflower as it tremendously challenged her. But it was the adorable titular character in Elena M. Patron’s Momay to whom she could relate the most because they are both cheerful, playful, and loving.


However, it’s still 100 Days To Heaven that she regards as her most favorite teleserye, while the indie horror flick “Ilawod” is her most favorite movie.

She may not have a normal childhood just like what other kids her age used to have since she was a child star, yet the 16-year-old actress didn’t regret anything about it. However, what she has are learnings that she still keeps her mind and heart up to the present, and some of those are to always keep her feet on the ground, to not let her achievements get into her head, and to never forget those people who helped in her journey. She’s also happy and contented with how her life has turned out, thus she wouldn’t give herself any advice but more on support and cheering up.


A lot of viewers also asked Xyriel about her skin care routine, the course she’s eyeing to take, what keeps her occupied during this pandemic, her advice to fellow students especially now that education is virtual, her celebrity crush, a random fun fact about herself, her friendship with fellow child star Zaijian Jaranilla, and her one dream that came true and made her truly happy.


Since she recently got involved in a controversy, one of her fans asked her message to toxic bashers, saying, “Sana po alam nila na walang magandang naitutulong o naiiambag ‘yong pamba-bash nila at pambababa po sa kapwa. Parang imbes po na i-point ‘yong nakikita nilang flaws, sana po i-express nila ‘yon sa way na mae-embrace po ng isang tao o mae-embrace ko po na bina-bash nila, ‘yong flaws na ‘yon.”

Then she added, “Kasi alam ko naman po na merong akong flaws and imperfections, so imbes na i-bash n’yo po, bakit hindi natin i-appreciate at i-embrace po ang mga ‘yon. Huwag na po tayong maging toxic, masyado na pong madaming nangyayaring kababalaghan sa mundo.”


She might have received a lot of negative and hurtful remarks from them, but she still would want to talk to her bashers with utmost politeness and to raise awareness on the advocacies she champions instead.


As one of her fans mentioned about her embarking on vlogging, she pleaded to everyone to help her report her posers on YouTube and other social media platforms so that she could upload new videos.


When asked what she looks forward on achieving this year, the young lady said that she just wants for this pandemic to end, as well as the other horrendous happenings in the world first before she would ask anything for herself because she thinks that she still has a lot of time to fulfill her own ambitions.


A lot of netizens also praised her astonishing glow up and how she courageously fights and speaks for what she knows is right and just.


Click on this video to find out what went down on Xyriel’s fun virtual bonding with her fans in this episode of Kapamilya Confessions.