kapamilya baler star magic hot summer

After saying hello to summer, it’s time to say hello to the beautiful sceneries of Baler. Our favorite Star Magic artists began to explore some exhilarating destinations of the popular tourist town of Aurora in the second behind-the-scenes episode of “Star Magic Hot Summer” entitled “A Glimpse of Paradise.”

For this video, Zach Guerrero, Maureen Wroblewitz, Elmo Magalona, and Heaven Peralejo take us on a trip through paradise. Zach was especially excited because he would be able to tour around his hometown with his newfound friends in Star Magic. Maureen has also been to Baler back in 2017, but she’s psyched to be back and visit more places.

The first stop was Caunayan Falls, which was a short 10 to 15-minute drive from the city. The group, along with their tour guides Zylene Saura and Hazel Pean Simeon, encouraged viewers to also join the breathtaking falls. They shared that the entrance fee is simple P20 for adults and P10 for kids. People can also bring food as long as they do not litter and there are no alcoholic drinks.

After soaking in some sun, testing the cool waters, and taking some stunning snaps, the group headed to their next destination – Discalarin Cove. Here, they bumped into Direk LaurentiDyogi who was vlogging. They all shared that while it wasn’t as sunny, the weather was still pleasant. Perfect for a shoot photoshoot. Maureen also commented how the place reminded her of a bit of astounding destinations in New Zealand.

Of course, being in Baler, a trip to Sabang Beach shouldn’t be missed. It is one of the most famous destinations for surfing, so they all tried it out. Maureen and Elmo showed off how they rode the waves too.

After a fun but tiring day at the beach, the group went back to their hotel Costa Pacifa, and enjoyed a sumptuous feast. Heaven couldn’t help but show her favorite dishes because of how good they were.

Before ending the video, Zach, Maureen, Elmo, and Heaven sat down to talk about their thought about their “Star Magic Hot Summer” shoot and take on body insecurities. For all of them, it’s normal to have them. Maureen and Heaven admitted that they are conscious of their bellies sometimes, but they know it’s normal for bodies to change from time to time. Elmo, on the other hand, shared that he sometimes gets insecure about his legs despite being relatively fit. Regardless, they all know that thy have to embrace those insecurities and accept them. What truly matters is who they are on the inside.

Aside from sharing their wonderful experience in Baler, each of the four stars were also assigned a secret challenge that they had to complete before ending the trip. Zach had to post a wacky group selfie, and thanks to the friendly Alora Sasam and Jane Oineza, it was easy for him to get others to join in the pic.

As for Maureen, her challenge was to post a TikTok video with at least three people on the trip. Since she wasn’t one to do a lot of TikTok videos, she decided to vlog instead their food, activities, and the friends she made along the way.

Elmo, on the other hand, had to share a meal with people he still wasn’t close with, so when some pizza arrived in one of their beach get-togethers, he took the chance to offer some of his pizza to Alora and Jane. Heaven, however, was the only one who wasn’t able to complete her challenge yet, which was to do 20 jumping jacks with a fellow artist.

More episodes are on the way so stay tuned! Some of the stars hinted that there might be a mukbang challenge as well as exciting photoshoot sneak peeks and beach kulitan.