Julia Barretto plays Would You Rather Game: “I’ll always choose to follow my heart”

Julia Barretto played the fun and interesting “Would You Rather” game in her appearance on Jeepney TV’s Showbiz Pa More with DJ Jhai Ho, baring her preferences in certain life circumstances, style choices, and daily routines.


Julia was first asked if she would rather work out in the morning or in the evening. She said she preferred mornings because that she might probably get lazy to work out in the evening. On having desserts and having junk food for a cheat day, Julia said she would rather choose the latter because she admitted she would still eat sweets even though she’s on a diet.


Julia was then quizzed if she would prefer living on a mountain or in a beach. Julia was certain that she’ll choose to live in a beach at any given day because she loves the calming nature of the sea.


To the question if she would rather lose electricity or water supply for one week, Julia answered smartly that she would rather not have water supply for one week because you can just actually buy water outside.


DJ Jhai Ho then asked Julia if she would rather receive flowers or chocolates from a suitor. Julia said she would want flowers more than chocolates because she joked she can always buy chocolates for herself.  Choosing either being stuck with a person she hates or just be by herself during the lockdown, Julia said she would unsurprisingly opt just to be alone.


On the topic of cooking, DJ Jhai Ho asked her if she would rather whip up a meal for someone or have someone do it for her, Julia said she would choose the former because she said it’s an act of service and she would feel great and fulfilled if she could cook for someone.


The next question was if Julia would rather erase her memories or feelings, and she chose to just erase the feelings because she argued it would still feel good to reminisce the good memories she shared with other people. When it comes to turning back the time or travelling in the future, Julia chose the latter because she proudly said that she doesn’t have anything that she wants to change in her past because she wouldn't be the person that she is today if it weren’t for her past experiences, even if it were good or bad.


Lastly, Julia was asked a question that she herself found it difficult to answer. She was asked if she would rather choose to follow her heart or her mind when it comes to love. Although at first she couldn’t finalize her answer, Julia became sure that she’ll always choose to follow her heart because she said that at the end of the day, you’ll be the happiest when you have what your heart desires.


Catch more of Julia playing the Would You Rather game on Showbiz Pa More in this video!