Joj and Jai Agpangan give advice to aspiring PBBhousemates in Kapamilya Confessions

For sure, many of us already miss seeing the totally adorable twins Joj and Jai Agpangan on television. Thankfully, the 2014 romantic-comedy series Forevermore is being currently re-aired every afternoon that allows us to see them again as the amusing twins Judy and Claui. And recently, they were given the chance to virtually mingle with their fans through ABS-CBN Entertainment’s Kapamilya Confessions!

But before responding to the questions sent in by the netizens on the network’s official social media platforms and on livestream, the actresses opened the online show by taking on the “Who’s Who Challenge”, wherein they exposed who between them is being referred to by each item they would mention.

Both of them agreed that it was Joj who had the more exes, more heartbreaks, more generous, less patient, more open with her feelings, and closer to their parents. Meanwhile, they argued who between them shares her secrets more often, the more talkative, spends most of her time on her phone more, and the untidier at home.

Moving on to the Kapamilya Confessions proper, they enthusiastically responded to questions regarding their showbiz career, personal lives, and relationship as twin sisters. Of course, since they are alumnae of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4, wherein they finished as Third Placers, one of the netizens didn’t miss the opportunity to ask for their advice for the auditionees and for them to share a bit about their experiences as housemates.

“Upon reminiscing na lang talaga ng mga moments namin sa Pinoy Big Brother, parang blessing talaga siya kasi hindi namin inexpect na papasok kami sa bahay ni Kuya. First of all, just be you,” Joj said.

Jai agreed to her, saying, “Yes kasi ‘pag authentic ka naman, malalaman kasi nila ‘yan ‘pag kakaiba ka talaga e. At saka i-enjoy mo lang, ‘wag kayong mai-stress na dapat makapasok. Dapat hindi n’yo ‘yan goal ang makapasok, dapat ineenjoy n’yo din.”

“Good luck na lang sa mga mapapasok na housemates and enjoy n’yo lang and go lang nang go, guys,” Joj added.

With regards to their upcoming projects, the twins revealed that their handler actually called them to ask if they could fly back to Manila to work on a teleserye. But they have to decline the offer as their mom advised them to choose their safety first and just stay at their hometown in Bacolod City, Negros City until the pandemic hopefully dies down next year.

Besides, they are currently busy with their food business and have been updating their loyal followers about their life in the province and other shenanigans through their official social media accounts and YouTube Channel. 

Click on this video to see everything that happened during Joj and Jai’s fun and insightful Kapamilya Confessions stint! 

You may also catch them again on Forevermore, weekdays on Kapamilya Channel and Kapamilya Online Live, as well as binge-watch past episodes on iWant TFC.