Jericho Rosales and Richard Gutierrez take on the Star Magic’s Out Of The Box Challenge

From an impromptu concert to planning a wedding, two of the hottest leading men in the country took a break from their busy schedules to take on Star Magic’s Out of the Box Challenge! Jericho Rosales played some fun and quick games while Richard Gutierrez answered questions about his upcoming wedding and being a vampire.

Richard and bride-to-be Sarah Lahbati previously announced that they will be getting married March of this year. If they could get married anywhere in the entire universe, he wants the venue to be in Switzerland. The engaged couple considers this country special because it is where Sarah gave birth to their first son Zion, and where Richard popped the question two years ago. But more important than the setting, they want all of their friends and family to be with them on their big day which is why they opted for a more easily accessible location.

Although, if his mother Annabelle Rama had her way, the wedding would definitely take place in Cebu. They would most likely have a Cebuano choir to perform and Lechon Cebu would be served at the reception.

On the other hand, Jericho showed off his version of the “Pangako Sa’yo” theme song. This was after he failed to list seven of his teleseryes within 10 seconds. The Kapamilya actor performed a song but changed the lyrics to just “meow”. He also sang “Bahay Kubo” as if there was an exclamation point at the end of each word. “Weird naman nito,” he said.

Jericho then had to recite the lyrics of his original single “Pusong Ligaw”. This was the consequence to not being able to arrange The Legal Wife, “Walang Forever”, Bridges of Love, Green Rose, and Halik from latest to oldest. At least the Asian Drama King was able to name three of his batchmates from Star Magic Batch 4 in under five seconds—Dimples Romana, Anna Larrucea, and Dominic Ochoa.

The La Luna Sangre kontrabida revealed that even though he is a vampire, his diet still includes his favorite street food, kwek kwek. The Halik star acted out the last three things he does before sleeping. These are only some of the challenges that Jericho Rosales and Richard Gutierrez pulled out of Star Magic’s fun box! So, check out this video to see what else the two leading men had to do.