Jed Madela shows jaw-dropping toy collection, state-of-the-art entertainment studio at home

Jed Madela finally took us to his personal space where all his creativity is well thought of and made on Star Magic Presents “Welcome Kayo Dito.” Before giving a tour inside his house, Jed showed first his Jerusalem bell, which was given to him. And one of his favorite things to do before entering his house is to ring that bell. To observe safety protocols, Jed offers alcohol, disinfectant spray, and footbath mat outside the door and a basket where money from deliveries is placed.

Upon entering Jed’s house, what you can see immediately is the staircase going to his bedroom and other rooms. This stairway may seem familiar because Jed used it in his grand finale performance for his first digital concert ‘New Normal.’ At the right side you’ll see one of his collection rooms and at the left side is the entertainment room which was converted to a studio. 

As you go straight ahead, you’ll enter the dining area which conveniently has the kitchen just beside it. Jed shared that when he moved into the house, it already looked as it is. He added that they just changed its aesthetics like the fixtures, furniture, and curtains. You would also notice that Jed has become a “plantito” keeping himself busy during the quarantine by taking care of his potted plants - some were given to him, some were bought, and others were already existing in the area and just transferred into pots. And the dining area became even more special as Jed and his family toured “around the world” in that area, which meant that they would offer various cuisine from different countries in every meal of the day. 

Also beside the dining room is the lounge where they can relax after they eat, or use it as a prayer area at the same time. Jed shared that it’s actually one of his favorite spots in his house because that’s where he finds peace and relaxation, where he can unwind and meditate. Jed added that he feels recharged after his prayer time. Most of the things you can see in this area are gifts given to him by his friends and family. You can see his gray couch, which Jed said is very comfortable to rest on. Some of his awards and achievements like his World Championship of Performing Arts trophy, and his Voice of Asia trophy are prominently placed on a table. Jed’s favorite spot in this area, the altar, is composed of the Sto. Niño statue in the middle and statues of St. Joseph and Mama Mary beside it. Jed shared that he really comes from a religious family who has strong faith and values. In the ground floor you can also find the bedroom of Jed’s parents and the room of his house helpers. Meanwhile the hallway beside the stairway displays the artworks that friends gave him.

The second floor has four rooms, and one of them is Jed’s toy room or his “Funko room” as most of his toys came from Funko Pop, a brand of unique pop culture collectibles. Jed shared that he has loved toys ever since he was a kid, but he and his siblings weren’t actually spoiled by his parents. That’s why when he already had the means to buy toys for himself, he immediately started collecting. There is an entire wall full of Funko Disney characters one of his first collections is the Aladdin line as he calls it. On the opposite wall you’ll see Jed’s collection of Funko Pop TV Series characters like the ones in Modern Family, Friends, and Riverdale. Other collections of Jed include horror characters and music icons. He shared that he started collecting since 2018 and he added that he finds it really therapeutic to do. And by the way, Jed also has his own character of Funko pop which was based on his album ‘Superhero.’ 

Next up was one of Jed’s most favorite areas in his house where he has been spending much time during the quarantine. It was his entertainment-turned-studio room. He called it ‘Mad Creatives H.Q.’ which was coined from the name of a group that Jed created during the quarantine. Jed also has a workspace inside this room where he creates toys, draws, paints, and customizes artworks. He also has a toy collection of The Beatles, which was given to him by Ogie Alcasid. Moreover, Jed has a life-size Superman statue as he’s really a huge fan of the superhero. You can also find the second workspace of Jed which is the main studio also. That’s where he does his online contents and performances.

All throughout the quarantine, Jed kept himself busy through taking care of his plants and through cooking. He also went back to his love for arts - he started drawing, painting, and art toy designing. His very first art toy will be released soon.

Check out more of Jed’s astounding abode in this video!