JC Alcantara bares deepest regrets in life, non-showbiz dream job in Kapamilya Confessions

One of the rising and promising versatile actors in the industry today is JC Alcantara. Viewers might have noticed JC before in a fastfood chain advertisement, which was his first onscreen appearance. He would then venture into teleseryes, being cast in the hit primetime drama Halik.

His biggest break by far was landing a lead role in the well-loved BL (Boys’ Love) series Hello, Stranger, where he played the lead role alongside Tony Labrusca. In fact, JC is now preparing for the full-length movie sequel to the hit digital series.

In this episode of Kapamilya Confessions, JC shared some lesser known facts about himself and his experiences in pursuing his showbiz career. But before that, he first played the “Complete The Sentence” Challenge. In this game, he talked about some interesting personal trivia, such as revealing that he spends too much money in buying jackets. For the next sentences he completed, he said that life wouldn’t be complete “without you guys,” and that he wanted to put his head “on your shoulders.”

JC then imparted that if he didn’t become an actor, he would probably be a civil engineer, which was his dream job since high school. He would also reveal that the last time he cried was because he was overthinking. On having a distinct superpower, he would like to be invisible. He also shared that he loves cats and enjoys travelling, and that you can touch him but not his heart.

JC was asked if he regrets anything that has happened in his life. He answered it was when he kept his problems only to himself, which made him more stressed. Because of this, JC said he has since been trying to open up to close friends and family. He was then asked if he’s ever experienced being the ‘third wheel’ in a relationship and he said no. As for the things he would be doing if he was not acting, JC said he would probably be studying. As for his Hollywood crush, he said it’s Angelina Jolie. If there’s one dream or goal that he would love to achieve this year, JC said that it would be to win a Best Actor award. A fan also asked him what he is most thankful for and he said he’s very grateful for all the blessings that he’s been receiving - from starring in Hello, Stranger to being part of ABS-CBN Films’ talent arm, Rise Artists Studio.

As for the song that he’s most in love with, JC shared it’s Lauv’s “I Like Me Better.” While he could not muster the right words to define love in further answering a fan’s question, JC encouraged viewers to just work hard in reaching their dreams.

Watch more of JC’s endearing revelations about himself in this edition of Kapamilya Confessions.