Jane Oineza reveals first heartbreak, what she misses about PBB and more on Kapamilya Confessions

We can’t help but stare at the natural beauty of actress Jane Oineza. And when she started answering questions from the netizens, we fell more in love with her authenticity, and trademark boisterous laughter.

Jane opened the live interactive show, Kapamilya Confessions, by taking on the First and Last Challenge. The Kapamilya star made her acting debut in the 2001 teleserye Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan. She named matinee idol John Lloyd Cruz as her first showbiz crush. Jane’s first relationship was also her first real heartbreak.

Jane isn’t prone to real-life bloopers. Saying ‘hi’ to a stranger and mistaking another lady for her mom in the grocery are filed under her most embarrassing moments. The first things she notices in a person are the eyes and the way he carries a conversation. She last cried over a Netflix movie and last said ‘I love you’ to her sibling.  Her last Instagram post was about her favorite facial serum.

Now that she’s stuck at home for almost six months already, Jane can’t help but feel anxious at times. But there was never a point when she thought of giving up. Problems might make her cry or break down yet she remains strong enough to move forward. She lists down breathing exercises, worthwhile hobbies, and opening up to someone as the best way to cope with anxiety.

The long stint in Pinoy Big Brother helped Jane develop this attitude. She misses Big Brother, and the laidback breakfast at Kuya’s house, the coffee, banana, and ampalaya.

Jane’s quarantine days are all about plants, pets, and gaming. For Jane, happiness is in the little things. And that’s her definition of success–happiness and contentment. The pandemic also taught her not to procrastinate anymore as tomorrow is never promised. She’s become more organized as well. While waiting for things to simmer, Jane makes sure she’s prepared to go back to work. A post-COVID beach trip or hiking adventure would make her happy, too.  

It’s her childhood dream to be an actress, so she started young in the industry. Jane is most notable for her appearance in the kiddie gag show Goin’ Bulilit before she ventured into teleserye acting.  If given a chance to relive a childhood memory, she’d like to go back to the Marina taping days and wear a mermaid costume again. If she could trade places with one of her onscreen characters, she’d go for Moira of Kung Fu Kids and use her Kung Fu powers. 

Jane doesn’t keep a list of regrets. She believes that whatever happened in the past shaped her into the woman she is today. Besides, she lives life to the fullest. With this, Jane expressed gratitude to her home network for helping her pursue her dream and at the same time provide for her family. Most especially, she’s thankful for the second home she found.

Jane looks forward to her next assignments. Her fans are just as eager, praying for her reunion projects with RK Bagatsing, Jerome Ponce, and Joshua Garcia. For now, solid Jane lovers can watch her movies “Finding You” and “Us, Again” on Netflix. Jane mentioned that she feels ‘kilig’ over this feat.

She’s also gearing up for game streaming. She needs to re-organize her YouTube channel and purchase quality equipment first. On her love life, the Kapamilya beauty said she is happy being single. Jane considers a guy’s intention over good looks when it comes to dating. And when asked if cheating is a choice or a mistake, the lovely Jane answered, “Cheating is a mistake you choose.”