Jake Cuenca chooses to sleep less, run more, become a doctor and rock star in Would You Rather Challenge

Jake Cuenca had his debut on Jeepney TV’s Showbiz Pa More with DJ Jhai Ho and played the fun trivia game Would You Rather. He warmed up at first, answering if he’d rather be a rock star or a superhero, and he said he would choose to be a rock star with no second thoughts. The Kapamilya actor said his choice is obvious because of his once long hairstyle. Between having no sleep and having no bath, Jake opted to rather not sleep because he always wants to take a bath. When it comes to house chores, he would rather wash the plates than cook as Jake added that his girlfriend Kylie Verzosa is the one who usually whips up meals. In terms of careers outside acting, Jake felt like he would want to be a doctor more than he would want to be a lawyer. He cleared that he has always been amazed at how great and brilliant lawyers are but he thought that people need more doctors now especially because we are in the middle of a pandemic.


We also know that Jake has always been into physical activities like running and biking but between the two activities, he chose running because he said that it doesn’t require any equipment - all you need to have is yourself and the urge and discipline to run.


DJ Jhai Ho asked Jake if he would rather erase feelings or erase memories. And the actor said he’d rather have his feelings stay with him because these are part of your growth as a person. Speaking of feelings, Jake was also asked if he’d rather be expressive or a man of few words. Jake said that he’s really expressive to Kylie. For instance, whenever he feels like he wants to say ‘I love you’ to her, he would immediately do it. He added that there are actually some sides of himself that only Kylie can see.


The last question was if he’d rather be settled with kids five years from now, or still live a bachelor’s life five years from now. And Jake answered that he actually thinks already of having children someday, although he doesn’t want to pressure Kylie as she’s still young and Jake knows she still wants to do and achieve many things in her life. Jake added that he’s already at a stage where he's preparing for his future. During the quarantine, he was able to give his undivided attention to himself and to his loved ones. But now that he’s finally going back to work, he said he’s really excited to do his craft once again.


Catch more of Jake playing Would You Rather on Showbiz Pa More in this video.