Alexa Ilacad bag raid

One hot, trending love team coming out of Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Season 10 Celebrity Edition took time out to appear on Darla Sauler’s vlog to show their unquestionable chemistry as they move on to more exciting projects together.

In this video, Alexa Ilacad and KD Estrada treated their KDLex fans with this kilig appearance together, as Alexa first bared content of her classy, chic Dior bag to viewers of Darla’s vlog.

With KD endearingly close, even affectionately holding Alexa’s shoulders and hands as she spoke, she emptied her bag bit by bit and showed what her bag contained. And it was a lot, which even surprised Darla, given the bag’s relatively small size.

She first displayed food-grade alcohol, which she even uses on her meals, an Apple Air Tag, which would come in handy whenever she may have misplaced her bag, alerting her on her iPhone where the bag is actually located.

Alexa then showed her face wipes, scrunchie, and her vaccination card, which is needed when she needs to enter public places, like malls. She also shared her favorite lip gloss, which fellow artist Charlie Dizon recommended to her. What else was inside her bag? Her ballpen, her iPhone and MagSafe battery pack, and her wallet that also bears Polaroid photos of her family, pets, and loved ones.

Alexa also has some medicines in her bag, which is for sudden allergies or headaches she may experience (and it’s not because of KD, she assures), sunscreen, and her lip balm. As she showed her perfume, Alexa explained that she chooses her perfume based on the person she would meet. When she is with KD, Alexa said she wears a perfume KD likes.

The last item Alexa revealed in her bag is her favorite, something she said she can’t live without, her AirPod.

Check out more of Darla’s bag raid on Alexa in this video.