Hotspot’s Alphabet Challenge with KarJon

As thriving celebrities and newly signed Star Magic artists during the Black Pen Day event, Kapamilya love team Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza are excited for the next chapter in their journeys. Get to know all about this by watching their Hotspot interview!

Karina and Aljon wasted no time to share how happy they are to finally call themselves Star Magic artists. Ever since Karina was a kid, it has been her and her family’s dream for her to become one. Aljon is overwhelmed with the stream of blessings that have opened up for him being part of Star Hunt and the Rise Artists Studio as well. It’s also a major milestone for him to finally achieve the “tatak Star Magic”.

They are, of course, still big dreamers even after their stint on PBB. As Karina put it, “Dati abot-tanaw lang, ngayon abot-kamay na” so it’s natural for them to work hard in getting a movie, lead roles, and explore various genres.

Out of curiosity, DJ Jhai wondered how their lives would be if they weren’t as famous as they are now. They challenged KarJon to imagine that they are strangers meeting for the first time. This random skit immediately turned into a delightful meet cute scene! Aljon pulled off some sweet moves and slipped in a couple of smooth pick-up lines that made Karina (and us) swoon.

Continuing the fun activity, DJ Jhai asked them to introduce each other to him as if he didn’t know them yet. Karina described Aljon with all his wonderful qualities as a person and Aljon introduced Karina as “babaeng nagpapasaya sa akin”.

Before finishing the interview, the group chatted some more about KarJon’s relationship and had a blast doing the “Alphabet Challenge” to test how fast KarJon can name items in the given categories.

Watch the whole Hotspot interview to get ultimate kilig feels and all the juicy deets from Karjon!