Hotspot: Enzo Pineda talks about relationship with gf Michelle Vito, shows book collection and garden

Kapamilya hunk Enzo Pineda had a fun chikahan with DJ Jhai Ho in Hotspot Live on ABS-CBN Facebook on Tuesday, October 7, as he gave us virtual tour of his garden and shared his book collection.

In the beginning of the interview, he admitted that despite being the type of person who wants to show everyone that he’s strong, there have been up and down moments for him in the past six months, which made him realize that he could really get weak as well.

He may have faced problems like being positive for COVID-19, but with the love and care of his family, of his girlfriend Michelle Vito, and of his friends, he was able to go through and overcome the challenges in that difficult phase of his life and he’s really happy that he and his dad survived the deadly virus.

The 30-year-old actor admitted that although he follows all the safety protocols, there were times he became complacent as he would still often go outside. Besides, when his dad got initially diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia and later on tested positive to COVID-19, he decided to be the companion of his dad in the hospital so he could take care of him and so he could also rest at the same time. That’s why, it was inevitable for him to experience few symptoms such as chills, fatigue, diarrhea, and losing his sense of smell and taste for two to three weeks.

Thus, he gave thanks and appreciation to all the frontliners who took care of him and his dad during their healing process and expressed how he looked up to the frontliners even more for doing their jobs selflessly, to the point that they sacrifice their lives just to be of service to their patients.

If there’s anything that Enzo realized the most during this hard phase of his life, he told DJ Jhai Ho it’s probably that life is really about having a good relationship with God and being the person who always chooses to help others. Being closer to God made him re-evaluate his purpose and that is to help other people. In fact, he has already projects that will be implemented very soon, which includes an e-learning center and an urban gardening project for children through which they will teach the first 100 beneficiaries on how to do urban gardening.

When asked about his relationship with his girlfriend and Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit co-actor Michelle Vito, he confidently imparted that they have been stronger than ever. According to him, she has been a huge part of his transition into becoming the person that he is now and that she is really a loving, sweet, and caring girlfriend and for that he’s really grateful. Besides, Michelle has also compelled him to read more books.

Since they couldn’t be physically together because of the current situation and Michelle’s hectic work schedule, Enzo made sure to make her feel special on her 23rd birthday last October 4 by calling her and sending her gifts. However, if given a chance to do more for her birthday, he would take her somewhere scenic and romantic, like a dinner date overlooking Taal or a by-the-beach date.

When asked what he feels about Michelle having a love team partner in her new show, Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, Enzo did not deny feeling really jealous, which he thought is just a normal feeling because he loves Michelle. But don’t get him wrong as he fully understands that it’s just for work.

Enzo also shared about something that had been bothering him, which she opened up to his girlfriend – his yearning to get back to work again. He didn’t acknowledge at first that he was missing his work, but when he brought it up in one of their conversations, he realized that he’s actually longing for it. And the universe seemingly heard him as he’s about to do four movies this year!

In fact, on October 8, they’ll be having a grand press conference for Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino as he’s set to star in a Jason Paul Laxamana film. He also has three more movies lined up, which will start filming this November.

After the serious conversation, the actor went on to share some books from his collection. The first one that he showed was a book about public speaking, as he admitted really wanting to gain more confidence when he talks in front of a lot of people. Besides, that book gives him the purpose when speaking in public and teaches him ways how to prepare physically and mentally for your speech.

Next was something from the Department of Agriculture that teaches him how to plant properly considering the environment that we have in our country. Another book that he got was entitled “What Everybody Is Saying,” which teaches him how to read people based on their body language and helps him in comprehending how his co-actors are feeling.

The next book he presented was given to him by Michelle and it teaches you how to declutter your life and how to focus on the things that you’re good at. Then “The Purpose Driven Life”, which he and Michelle read for 40 days and helped him connect more with God. Lastly, a Korean book that he uses for one of his projects wherein he’s about to portray the role of a half-Korean and half-Filipino.

Enzo then proceeded on showing us his garden, which he personally takes good care of. He planted grass on his garden and surrounded it with fences for protection and chichirica flowers in the front yard. He also showed some of his plants, including Calathea plants, Red Siam, and White Angel, as well as his hanging plants and vegetable and fruits like ginger, turmeric, eggplant, okra, and tomato

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