Elisse Joson shares secret to her flawless, glowing beauty

It’s already been more than three months since the last time we saw her on-screen as one of the lead cast of the action-drama series Sandugo and our only way to get updates from her throughout the whole community quarantine was via her social media posts.

And just recently, we’re able to get a glimpse of Elisse Joson’s beauty and catch up with her as well through her exclusive interview with DJ Jhai Ho on HOTSPOT streamed live on the official Facebook page and YouTube channel of ABS-CBN Entertainment.

Their fun kumustahan started off with the host asking her to greet all her fans and quizzing how she’s been doing in the past three months of being locked up at their home. Just like many of us, she’s been getting used to the “new normal” even though it took long for her to absorb it. Yet, she was able to cope up by keeping herself occupied via developing her cooking skills, painting, experimenting with make-up, reading books, playing video games, working, and doing do-it-yourself projects. She and her mom also turned to online business now that she has no work and their restobar is also closed.

The conversation then shifted to her skin care routine, which she willingly imparted to the host and the viewers. According to her, there are indeed tips and secrets that could help everyone achieve a glowing and flawless skin like hers, and two of those is keeping track of the food that we consume and staying hydrated. She also noted how doing yoga and workouts can help in having a healthy skin.

When it comes to her skin care must-haves, she didn’t simply share the products she uses, but also demonstrated the step-by-step process of her routine right from her own bathroom!

Watch the video for you to find out her skin care tips and secrets and the method she devotedly follows!