Hotspot: Barbie Imperial shares realizations, how she turned into avid gamer during community quarantine

Barbie Imperial appeared on Hotspot with DJ Jhai Ho to share how life has been during the several months of community quarantine while recalling her impressive showbiz journey and unforgettable moments with co-actors in throwback photos.


Barbie admitted that at the start of lockdown, she didn’t have any work to do and said it was mostly a period of adjustment. But after many months, Barbie had paid postings which made her busy first. She also was occupied with Zoom calls, which she admitted were way harder and more challenging than actual meetings. Because she had been free of work, Barbie said she now had time to focus on her favorite pastime, which is game streaming. A gaming enthusiast, Barbie shared she used to just play on her brother’s computer. But ever since she started streaming, she already had her own PC. Barbie was glad that the gaming or streaming world was actually very welcoming. She added how other streamers approached her and made her feel like she’s not a newbie.


Barbie and DJ Jhai Ho also discussed her recent 22nd birthday, which was different from her past celebrations because of the quarantine. Barbie said her birthday wish was not anymore for herself but for the whole country. She said she hopes the situation improves even if it's at a gradual pace. Moreover, she has come to realize how important family is more than anything else. Barbie recalled how she used to put in all her efforts and allot so much of her time for work that she could hardly make time for her family. And because of our current health crisis, she realized she should not take time for granted, especially for her loved ones. Barbie also realized the importance of personal health and wellness above anything.


When DJ Jhai Ho asked Barbie how she remains positive despite the bashing or negative comments she receives, she said she gives herself time to be okay. Barbie stressed how important it is to give yourself ample time to heal from what’s hurting and bothering you.


Barbie’s inspirational showbiz journey prove that good things and big dreams really take time for you to achieve. Barbie admitted that her short-lived stint in Pinoy Big Brother 737 in 2015 made her think twice about entering showbiz. But she was thankful she was still given opportunities and projects, such as being part of the GirlTrends on It’s Showtime and having landed supporting roles in Kapamilya teleseryes. In 2018, Barbie was then given the chance to audition for the female lead role in Precious Hearts Romances Presents Araw Gabi. At first, she was once again discouraged seeing other auditionees who were also leading lady material. Barbie thought she did not stand a chance. Yet when they did screen tests with the leading man in the series, JM de Guzman, Barbie was seen as his perfect match for the project, which became her breakthrough series as an actress.


DJ Jhai Ho then showed Barbie throwback pictures she posted on her Instagram account. Barbie would then share the story behind each photo. First was a photo of her and Jane Oineza together in their diving gear. Barbie shared that the day before they took that photo, she and Jane had a heart-to-heart talk about their recent heartbreaks. And at that moment, Barbie asked Jane if she would want to go to the beach where they could just have fun and temporarily forget their problems. Jane was so game with the idea and immediately, they prepared their stuff and headed right away to a beach in Batangas.


Barbie was then presented her alluring photo in an orange two-piece bikini. She said a swimsuit shop gave it to her and she just wanted to try it out. As it reflected her stunning figure, their discussion focused on taking on mature roles, which she said she has accepted as part of the job. She clarifies, however, that she doesn’t take that onscreen persona in real life, emphasizing she has always been a conservative young lady ever since.


The third photo was a snap with Angelica Panganiban, who Barbie said has been so dear to her because of her “genuine heart.” That photo was actually taken when Barbie opened up to Angelica about a certain problem and the latter gave her helpful advice and comforting words that really eased her pain.


Barbie then saw a throwback photo during the days inside Bahay ni Kuya when she was still 16 years old. Barbie shared that she didn’t actually want to participate in the PBB auditions in Albay. She said she just accompanied her friends who wanted to join. But it turned out, she was the one who passed the auditions. Barbie shared her friends have been so very supportive ever since, even though it’s been a year since they last saw each other.


The next picture was one she had with Ronnie Alonte that came from a taping session for Wansapanataym: Gelli in a Bottle. A photo with Jerome Ponce then appeared, with Barbie claiming that the A Soldier’s Heart actor has been very kind and genuine and the dependable guy she can share her problems with. She then saw photo of her endorsement shoots—one for a clothing brand wherein she first dyed her hair blonde, and for another apparel brand wherein she appeared in a yacht party in Boracay.


A picture of her, Loisa Andalio and Ryan Bacalla were flashed, and she said she wanted to pose with the actress because she idolizes her very much. She then saw a photo of her in a police uniform during her taping days for FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, wherein she played the role of Lt. Villaluna, which she said is her favorite onscreen character. The next image was one with former loveteam partner Paulo Angeles, who she said is a trusted guy friend with whom she shares her rants and troubles.


Last was a throwback photo with Araw Gabi co-star JM de Guzman. Barbie did not deny that they shared something special before, but said it did not lead to a serious relationship. She added that a lot of time had to pass before they became “civil” with each other.


As for Barbie’s lockdown portrait in the Star Magic Love From Home digital catalogue, she said that it was actually harder because she’s not used to styling herself and especially taking good pictures, so she asked help from someone who she knows could do the job.


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