Sophie Reyes’ new single, house tour

Star Magic artist Sophie Reyes rejoices with her He’s Into Her co-stars after the announcement of the series’ second season. She’s also excited to share more of her music, with the release of her new single “Mythomaniac.”

The word mythomaniac translates to “pathological liar,” which makes the song relatable to listeners of all ages. You’d be lying if you say you’d never been lied to and this applies to all kinds of relationships, not just the romantic ones. Sophie explored this reality and wrote the piece that tells listeners to let go of a toxic relationship that’s full of lies. “It was fun, fun, fun but now I’m done, done, done,” says her favorite line in the song.

“The main message is to take care of yourself and don’t allow anyone to ruin you. In life, you always want to give a person the benefit of the doubt, another chance and to become better. Pero minsan kasi, if they don’t learn the hard way, if you don’t walk out, masasanay sila,” she said of what listeners can learn from her single.

When writing songs, Sophie wears her heart on her sleeves as if giving listeners a peek into her diary. Although “Mythomaniac” is not about a specific person from her past, it can be based on real experiences of her and other people.

The “Mythomaniac” music video is a visual treat for those who love all things “fun, fun, fun.” Sophie said she wanted to explore different trends from then and now, thus the vivid play of colors. The production design was so lit and busy and colorful that you wouldn’t think it was done during the quarantine. Sophie and her team finished the shoot in two days due to time constraints and protocols. They did the set on the first day and the actual filming on the next, and a series of pre-production prior to that.

Sophie grew up listening to classical and broadway music until Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift, and Alicia Keys changed her taste during her teen years. For OPM, her top influences are Vina Morales and Sarah Geronimo. She also wishes to collaborate with Iñigo Pascual.
Asked the song that will represent her life right now, Sophie thought of her previous single “Rainfall.”

For the next part of the interview, Sophie welcomed Kapamilya Chat to a condo tour. She started with her über-chic bedroom that glows with purple lights at night. Her vanity table is placed by the window to have natural light while doing her makeup. On her bedside table are her journal, lyrics notebook, and a Star Wars-inspired accent light.

We also got to meet Sophie’s dog, Blue, an American Bully. Just like his hooman, Blue also loves the camera and he starred in a music video with OPM band I Belong to the Zoo.  Adjacent to the room is her workspace. Sophie was thrilled to share that she recently got new copies of the He’s Into Her books that now have the cast’s photos on the cover.

The dining area and living area are minimalist, elegant, and comfy. The balcony is her place for workout and muay thai.

To end the show, Sophie gave us a sample performance of “Mythomaniac.”