Bag raid with Sam Cruz

The Squad Plus' Sam Cruz is not one to bring much when she goes out, not even a full makeup kit. Check out her few essentials in this bag raid!

As someone who knows a lot about fashion but wants to keep it low-key, Sam goes for a small designer bag that’s extremely versatile thanks to its adjustable handle. Once you open the bag, it has a small inside pocket where Sam keeps her IDs.

She also brings her go-to perfume, a gift from her brother Diego Loyzaga on her birthday. Sam doesn’t really keep a kikay kit. She only brings mascara, nude lipstick, and a headband that doubles as a hair tie. She also doesn’t forget to bring her own ball pen. And that’s it!

Sam calls herself an OC especially when it comes to essentials. She cleans her own room and re-organizes everything at least twice a month.

Sam and her sisters, Angelina and Chesca, as well as mom Sunshine Cruz love to trade clothes. Nothing but a typical ‘lambingan’ among sisters!

Check out Sam’s bag raid in this video!