Here’s how the very ‘intuitive’ Barbie Imperial would react to a third party

There are relationship things that don’t appear like red flags but actually are, and vice versa. “The Goodbye Girl” star Barbie Imperial weighed in on different signs and scenarios about love and cheating in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

Barbie opened the segment talking about how self-help books kept her motivated during the pandemic. Similar to her new hobby, she also shared her wisdom on solving tricky relationship situations related to cheating by playing a challenge.

The first case is about phone restrictions, which Barbie thought of as a warning sign. She’s not one to constantly inspect her boyfriend’s phone “pero ‘pag may gusto lang akong tingnan sa phone mo tapos bawal, parang medyo sketchy for me.” She also believes that a cheater will cheat if he wants to, whether you know his password or not.

In the next situation, Barbie said asking for space is completely understandable as long as there’s a valid reason. Besides, having time apart is also important in a healthy relationship.

Going to bed at different times is not a red flag for Barbie, as well as asking for updates. “Sabi nila it’s too much daw, nakakasakal. For me, it’s not. Partner mo ‘yan, eh. Allowed siya to know kung nasaan ka, kung safe ka, at kung sinong kasama mo.”

What, then, is a red flag for her? A flaky person, and most especially, discovering receipts of cheating. The Kapamilya actress said she’s confident of her gut feel, which is often correct. In case she finds out that there’s a third party, Barbie would confront her boyfriend first, “Kahit alam ko na, tatanungin ko ‘yung tao just to see if they’re lying or not.” Besides, she’s keeping this mantra: “I believe that time, ilalabas at ilalabas niya ang totoo kahit pa itago mo.”